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Unified in suck

It turns out that I wasn't the only person cheesed off at NBC's sucky winter Olympics coverage. I stumbled across an article which mashed together the various commentary on the subject from twitter, blogs, and forums to come up with what I like to think of as the pie-chart of suck.

The bitching fell into several broad categories, for which I could agree with most. The biggest complaint seemed to be with the lack of events, which was what pissed me off the most too.

These numbers come from an analysis of nearly 20,000 Tweets and 5,700 blog posts and forum comments. On Twitter alone, the biggest complaint by far (25 percent) is the tape delay. But that’s what you’d expect from a bunch of realtime addicts. Overall when you count blogs and forums that complaint ranked second, barely nudged out by the lack of enough actual sports coverage. Notably, only 15 of people on the Web were happy with NBC’s coverage.

Now, personally I don't think it's necessary to have a lot of other people agree with me when I think something's shitty. I'm more than happy to go it alone and start the bitchfest, party of one. That being said, it's also nice to know that other people feel the same way and you're not just insane. Or, if you are insane, at least you know you'll have plenty of company.

NBC's record this time around was just truly horrendous. It absolutely ruined the Olympics for me and the entire thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Since I have no doubt they'll still have the rights to broadcast the summer Olympics 2 years from now, I'm left with the dread that they'll simply screw the pooch again. I really don't understand what is so fucking hard about this, especially when it took place in Canada of all places. At least those people up there speak English most of the time when they're not gibbering in French and having carnal relations with moose. It has to be easier doing business there than in China 2 years ago which makes the deterioration in quality incomprehensible. Maybe it was just budget cutbacks or miss-allocation of resources this time around though I've heard nothing to indicate as such. All I do know is that NBC is shooting themselves in the foot by doing such a half-assed job. This is a perfect opportunity to capture a captive audience who will happily sit up all hours of the night watching random events and generating ad revenue while they're at it. It's like an insomniac's wet dream but even insomniacs won't watch shit forever.
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