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The yummy asile

With my mom and gradmother here I've spent an inordinate amount of time in asian grocery stores the past few days. We trucked on up to the little vietnamese town on the north side to a large supermarket there and then to the chinatown on the south side for more shopping. I've noted ths before but every single asian food store has a yummy asile. That's the asile where there aren't any scary things and that even most lilywhite honkeys won't be disturbed by. It's always stocked with sweets and cookies and crackers, though often of unidentifiable content. I was sorely tempted to buy myself a package of durian wafers after reading trubble and crabby's rant about them on sissyfight...but couldn't bring myself to do it. Even taking the canadian factor into consideration, I've heard from enough secondary sources about how vile the stuff is to be a bit cautious.

At the chinese grocery store down in chinatown I actually got to play with frogs. THere was a big tub of them and I seriously doubt they were being sold as pets. I got to pick one up and carry it around for a bit, pondering if maybe it was time for a new pet. The frogs didn't feel anything like what I thought they would....they were so odd in fact that when I first tried to grab one I actually let go almot immediately for fear the one I snagged was 'broken' somehow. I assumed that they'd be pretty solid instead of so...well...squishy. Other than a backbone piece, it was as if they were a giant blob of jelly. They simply squished when you went to pick them up like one of those stress relief balls but much more fluid. The one I picked seemed pretty nice and I held him for a bit while stroking him between the eyes. Of course, I had frog gook all over me when I finally plopped him back into his tray. The weird chinese worker guys were giving me odd looks the entire time. I wonder what you feed frogs....

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