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Blah humbug

I've been feeling a bit down the past few days and I think I have the perfect story encapsulating the last couple weeks. So, about the only thing interesting that happens on or about my birthday is I always get a buncha coupons emailed to me from various companies. So, since I had to go to court to deal with that parking ticket last week anyway, I decided to stop off at Rita's on the way home. If you're not familiar with them, just think of it as a mix between a dairy queen and an Italian ice truck. In fact, I only just 'discovered' the place a year or two ago despite there being multiple locations in the area. Their 'water ice' (I still can't get used to that term since it sounds so incredibly idiotic) is amazing in its flavor. Having grown up with the equivalent of food coloring and artificial flavors squirted onto an ice cube, it was quite a pleasant surprise. I bought a few quarts over the course of the summer last year and was looking forward to doing the same this year.

Anyway, they had sent me a B1G1 coupon for my birthday and I stopped off there after court, snagging two gelati's, cherry and swedish fish. I'd never actually tried the swedish fish flavor before, having bought it on a whim. I got home and put both in the freezer for later enjoyment. The next day I got those damn blood test results showing that my heart is pumping something more like strawberry jam than blood. This has resulted in an immediate cessation of all sugar consumption and both gelati's are still sitting in the freezer downstairs. I can't quite bring myself to just go and eat them, damn the diet, and yet I know I could never throw them away either. Not to mention I was really looking forward to finding out what swedish fish tastes like.

Oh, and my sister bought me a little chocolate cake on my birthday as well which we were going to end up having later that weekend. I wasn't nearly as interested in the cake but it's something else that went by the wayside. Feh. On the positive side, I received a hand-addressed letter in the mail today from some scammer wishing me a happy birthday and telling me I won a free trip anywhere in the US. My luck is just overflowing.
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