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So, lately I haven't had much of an appetite. If I recall correctly, the same sort of thing happened the last time I cut carbs out of my diet. For some reason, I just have no inclination to eat and while my stomach gurgles occasionally, I don't actually feel hungry. I was thinking that there are probably people out there who would pay huge sums of money to duplicate this phenomenon whatever it is. If I could somehow bottle it and sell it, I'd make a fortune. Well, assuming it all isn't because of some new underlying health condition like I'll find out in a few weeks I've managed to get cancer or something.

So, since I wasn't hungry anyway I just decided to stop eating. It wasn't a hardship due to the lack of appetite and as time went by, I actually found the very idea of food sort of noxious. Fast forward around 2 and a half days and I think I now know why people don't just stop eating on a whim. I'm exhausted. All the time. It feels like it takes a tremendous effort to even get up and walk around, not to mention I get lightheaded to boot. I staggered downstairs a few hours ago and rummaged around, finding 3 sausages in the fridge. I scarfed those down, not because I've all of a sudden regained an appetite but more or less hoping that will kill the exhaustion. All I can say is that it's had no effect so far as I still feel like I could sleep for a week.
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