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Pictures of my apartment

Well, for the first time in ages my apartment has reached a state of cleanliness that allows for any possible display to people other than immediate family. That's not to say it's spotless, though it was a herculean effort to get it to this point. A task I mostly stayed out of and let me mom and grandmother handle. I don't think there's a single thing here they didn't wash and attempt to clean, even if it wasn't really dirty. 8 loads of laundry if can believe it, and my mom even ironed the lot of it, god knows why. So here are the fruits of their labors:

My desk and one of my bookshelves. I should use this picture as a where's waldo sort of contest. Who can find the christmas ornament that oatmeal handed out at her last christmas sissymeat? Who can locate the mightymouse bobblehead doll I got from sissies on my birthday? Anyone see the maps of chicago book? How many pokemon can you find?

Here's eeyore sitting on the tv with his tiara. Believe it or not I've got another eyeore sitting on another table and he has a little princess crown too. I seem to just accumilate knickknacks even when not attempting to.

The wall of games. I know you can't see the lower half of it but I've actually got the pokemon board game down there along with all sortsa other things. Anyone want to play?

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