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Welp, as unlikely as it sounds, it looks like I'll be going to Disney World next month. The last time I was there I was still a kid and frankly, never expected a return visit. I did manage to go to Disney Land a couple of years in a row back when Gencon SoCal was still running though. A friend had a friend with those super-duper 20k a year membership dealies and managed to not only get us into the park but we also got a chance to dine at club33. From what I'm told, it's the only place in the entire park where you can get an alcoholic beverage and served as the private club Walt would take investors and business associates to while there. It was quite an experience but I figured that would be my last interaction with Disney in my lifetime.

This particular trip came about because Connie and Jeff wanted to take Maddie and Will down there for a vacation. They invited my mom and grandma along and I guess I got added as a tag-a-long. I feel sort of bad about the whole thing since I'm not exactly a cheerful get up and go sort of person even during the best of times and I don't want to end up being a burden on the trip. All in all, I'm not sure it's really worthwhile since I can't get all that much out of it without a large pain and discomfort tax added on. Even during those couple of trips to Disney Land, I didn't exactly do all that much and only spent a few hours in the part total. Sitting is a major problem no matter what and that makes any sort of ride iffy. It's not usually impossible, but it just means there's a toll to be paid in pain and other issues.

That aside, it's also not as if I've gotten a crapload of exercise over the months and years. Hell, I probably get less physical activity than anyone short of a coma patient. I've always been able to buck it up for cons and like in the past, putting months worth of physical exertion into a few days, but who knows how long I'll be able to keep that up. Disney World is an amazingly sprawling place, as you can see from the map, and I'm sure the one constant is that there will be a crapload of walking from one place to another.

So has anyone actually been to Disney World lately? Is there anything that I should make a point of seeing? About the only thing that's on my list is I heard there was a Coke pavilion somewhere in Epcot Center that has various coke flavors from around the world. There's one particularly infamous one called the Beverly from Italy that is described as being absolutely rancid. It might seem odd to travel over 1000 miles just to drink something you know will taste absolutely horrid but my curiosity has been piqued but all the hype around it. There are even quite a few youtube videos, filming people's reactions to tasting it. Here's an example:

So is there anything else I should try to see while I'm down there?
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