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*Ring* *Ring* Telephone call for Mr Horrible

It's been a frenzy of tech buying lately what with the new laptop (which is still being build and won't even arrive for another week), new wireless mouse, new external harddrive, and now a new cell phone too. I've actually been eligible for a new phone for over a year now but saw no real reason to change. This isn't to say that my old phone was still functioning well or that I liked it. I simply don't end up using the thing very much as I don't call anyone and few people call me.

What finally made me decide to get a new one was the battery issue. The phone would keep a charge for only 2 days unused or through a 10-minute conversation fully charged. I figured that would be more than slightly problematic for when we go to Disney World next month and cell phones will be much in use for keeping in touch. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck somewhere in the middle of the magic kingdom with a dead phone and wondering where I could find a Motorola charger in the happiest place on earth.

That said, I finally got a new phone and it's notta all that special. I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty damn ignorant when it comes to cell phones in general. It's one tech wave that I never caught on to and I watch people twirl around with their smartphones and blackberries and iphones with a mixture of exasperation and aggressive disinterest. I've never felt any need to use my phone as a device to access the web either, especially when A) I almost never go anywhere B) I have a functioning laptop and C) I'd have to pay for a data plan.

About the only thing I do do, is I get myself 1 ringtone for each new phone I get. It's the only luxury I've ever allowed myself as far as cell phones go. On my very first phone I had the Stonecutter song from the Simpsons, This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas on the second, and I've just bought You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch for this one. What can I say, it felt sort of fitting.
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