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And there's the payoff

Jeff, Connie's husband, is out of town in Canada at another bachelor party so she and the kids popped over today along with just about everyone else for lunch. Lately, it seems that every single one of their friends is taking the plunge and getting married. They've been to 4 separate bachelor/bachelorette parties or weddings in the past 2 months. I do find it sort of funny that Connie and Jeff were basically ahead of the curve in this case. At least neither of them ever have to feel that slight existential panic when they see all their friends getting hitched and entertain the specter of being the one to end up alone. Then again, if there's a cosmic balance in that sort of thing, some of the rest of us are probably paying more than our familial share.

Anyway, when Connie arrived with the kids Will was still sleeping in the car so she stayed with him while Shelley and Maddie came inside. Shelley was of the opinion that I should just give Maddie the Kai-lan suitcase instead of waiting for a few more weeks until right before the trip. I'm happy to say that she was pretty much ecstatic about it, dragging it all over the house and then outside to show her mom. Shelley was even able to extort her with taking the suitcase away to make her stay still for a couple of pictures and even to attempt a smile a couple of times which from what I hear is a herculean task nowadays. My mom takes pictures so often I get the impression that it's second nature for Maddie to resist. Anyway, here are two of the shots.

Afterwards, we all went to a diner to get lunch and I got dragged along even though I didn't want to eat anything. I had had a few hotdogs just a hour ago and that was enough to get rid of any real hunger. Not to mention, going to restaurants these days make me angry. Maybe those of you reading this have noticed, but I tend to have sort of an extremist sort of personality about certain things. I have never been able to do balance well in my life. That means that any system which allows restrictions but with some leeway is just the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. I've always been all or nothing with many things and it shows in this diet as well. I can't be my own limiter and it's freedom or slavery.

If you think about that, it should be no wonder why restaurants during this diet would make me angry. I can handle not eating or not eating any carbs, but being presented with all of those options in front of me, many of which I can't have makes me want to drive my fist through a wall. This is especially true for anything which 'comes with' or is free. I've never been able to throw away food in my entire life unless it was ridiculously noxious. I never could understand how some people could waste so much during a meal. Even if you couldn't eat it right then, you sure as fuck pack it up and take it with you or pop it in the fridge. The idea of eating, say, half a burger and then chucking the rest because you're full runs bloody fingernails down the chalkboard of my soul. I'm not sure I've ever left good and edible food behind in my entire life unless absolutely forced to. That probably explains a lot about my tendency to resemble a blimp.

So anyway, we went to the diner where I mostly just drank water and even went outside to walk around the building. The times I was at the table, I spent most of my time watching Will eat. He is a roly-poly chubby little guy who obviously loves his food. When I had seen him around 5 months ago, his head had been absolutely gargantuan looking but since then his body has expanded so that everything looks more in proportion. He was chugging away at the bits of chicken Connie put in front of him and would get visibly upset when he ran out and more wasn't immediately forthcoming. As I was watching him hoover it all up, I started saying 'Nom Nom Nom' as he was eating. He soon started almost repeating the sound in between mouthfuls and I told Connie that his nickname from now on just HAD to be Nom-Nom. She didn't seem too keen on the idea, but I personally think it would be a hilarious name for him.

I wish I had taken a video of him saying Nom-Nom at the time but it hindsight is 20/20. I'm sure I'll get a chance somewhere down the line.
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