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En Taro Adun! Or not.

I'm sad to say that I tried to load the Starcraft Battlechest I bought from Amazon and it failed to install correctly despite many attempts. I had been slowly working my way through the game on my other laptop and never seriously considered that there might be compatability issues. I guess that's always the downside whenever you upgrade to something new. There's never any guarantee that the old software will keep on working.

It's especially frumple in this case because it's not like I play many PC games to begin with. I picked up Starcraft because I figured it'd be a nice warmup to Starcraft II, which is due to come out sometime this year. I can't even remember the last time I've actually looked forward to a PC game release, much less preordered it. I've tried a buncha fixes suggested online and none of them worked. I've also dropped an email to Blizzard tech support so many they'll have some workaround available in a few days. Knock on wood.

Other than this Starcraft setback, laptop love is still in full swing. I managed to update the graphic drivers on the machine and since then I haven't gotten any video failures. The machine doesn't seem to be running excessively hot and I've experienced none of the problems HP users have bitched about on their forums. Of course, it's only been like 3 days. It might be a bit premature to celebrate, but so far I'm feeling pretty good about it.
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