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Onward! To GLORY!

I found another game that I can play. Mechwarrior 4 has apparently been re-released for free download and I snagged a copy earlier today. Surprise, surprise, it even works on my system. I just gave it a whirl and while I feel like a complete incompetent newbie, it was sort of fun running around and blowing things up. It looks like one of those games with so many different options and optimization opportunities that it'll take ages to fully master. My current strategy is to just run at anything that looks like an enemy and keep shooting until either it's dead or I am. That seems to have worked on the first few intro-levels but I imagine it'll be an insufficient solution eventually.

The complexity of the game really isn't surprising considering what I know of battletech/mechwarrior. Even when mock26, Richard and I used to play at the battletech pods at Dave and Busters in Chicago, we only used the basic point and shoot options for the most part. There were all sorts of advanced functions I never even considered using. Everything from sequencing your weapons to rerouting around damage to playing with a multitude of different settings. Of course, when you're paying the around $50 per hour to play with the pods, time is money and only a moron would spend that time trying to figure out how game minutiae. It was more fun just to get to the blowing up part of the game.

In case any of you are interested, here is the site for the people putting out the game. It's being hammer like crazy (for obvious reasons) so you might have some problems getting in. If you want to bypass all that fluff, here is a direct torrent download for it. I can guarantee it's on the up and up and no installation is necessary. Just change the file extension to .zip, unpackage it, and run it. If I didn't have any problems with my system, I doubt any of you will have one with yours.

On a sidenote, I finally got Starcraft to install a couple of days ago. That was when I ran into the second and potentially more problematic issue. The game will run for 10-15 minutes and then lock up the computer completely. Nothing will allow you to exit out and the only way to get functionality back is to cut the power and restart the whole thing. It's another known issue for which there are a handful of fix suggestions, none of which seems to work in all cases. I haven't gotten up the gumption to actually give the fixes a test run, not looking forward to constantly having to reboot the laptop. I'll get around to it eventually though and knock on wood, maybe one of the suggestions will actually work.
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