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'Latest Posts' Crazy Lesbie Wiccan of the Day

See, the naked body is a beautiful thing. I, unlike most wiccans, refuse to be seen nude, and do not partake in the skyclad rituals practiced by covens. I watch, I masturbate and fantasize about this one cute chick in my coven (damn her for being so decidedly straight), but never will I walk into my covens magick circle and be bare ass nekkid. I refuse.

I always suspected that the only reason for the wiccan 'religion' is as a recruiting tool for lesbians and people who have sacrificed too many brain cells to drugs. This just proves there's something wanky, no pun intended. Who the farg masturbates at a religious ceremony and why in the world wouldn't anyone else say something about it. Fucking nutjobs. Someone also needs to have their asshole waxed I'm thinking before they display it.

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