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I just looked in the mirror earlier tonight and was shocked to see how tanned I've become. It's sort of ironic given that at the start of the Disney vacation my family members were commenting on how pasty I looked. Not a surprise really given how avoiding the scare ball for weeks or months at a time will do that to you. The fact that I only just noticed the difference should also tell you how often I actually look in a mirror nowadays.

I realized just now that I have the perfect way to document the whole before and after. I wore sandals the whole time down in Florida and you can see the difference that made.

I guess I should just be happy I didn't decide to wear a headband or I'd have a white streak across my forehead for the next month or two.

Well, since I've gone through the effort of actually posting a picture, I went through the Disney World photo folder and resized/uploaded the first few pictures that seemed interesting.

Here's a shot I took at the airport as we were all waiting for the plane to board. There's Jeff, Connie, Maddie, Will, and my grandmother in the background. The only ones missing from the picture are my mom and me.

In the days before the trip, I had posted about having problems with the diet I was on. Not the diet itself, necessarily, but the strange side-effects it was causing. The most problematic bit was that I would get tired with very little exertion and always feel dizzy whenever I stood. Things were pretty bad the day of the flight out and I had already decided ahead of time that I was going to have to do something about it or I'd never make it through 9 days. This is a picture of my first solution.

While it was nice, it didn't actually end up helping as well nor as fast as I had hoped. In the end, I just went off both my blood pressure and blood sugar medication, since I had no clue which one was acting funky. I also gave the diet the heave-ho for the duration and things turned out better, eventually.

Here's a picture I took as we landed in Orlando. Will has reached the 'pointing phase', meaning he'll pretty much point at anything and everything. When I first saw him do it I thought he had actually learned people's names since he would point to them when called. Turns out it's a wee bit more indiscriminate than that.

On our first day at Disney World we went to Epcot. It was the last day of the Flower and Garden show which had been running for the past week or two and there were many sculptures and displays set up all over the place. It didn't do much for me overall but my mom has a real interest in growing things and she spent a lot of her time nosing around. At one point I saw her with her entire head stuck into a flower hedge, though she backed out before i could snap a photo. She was curious as to how they got the plants to form that particular shape and was investigating. If it had been possible, she probably would have been looting seed stock.

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't Bambi look incredibly stoned to you? There is something not quite right with this display. I'll admit the minute I saw this I felt this incredible urge to light Bambi on fire for some unknown reason. Even now looking at the picture weeks later, I still think it would be a good idea to torch it.

So here's the first picture with me in it. Since I only have the pictures from my camera, there will be a minimal number with me in them. That'll change once we get aggregate the photos that Connie and my mom took, but it's hard to know when we'll get around to it.

That first day at Epcot was _not_ a good day for me. I was still popping the meds and hadn't really increased my carb intake until later in the day. I was almost staggering from location to location, half collapsing on anything with an armrest or handhold. At one point, something really disturbing happened and my vision went almost completely white. It was like the world became over-exposed beyond what should happen even for the brightest day. It was like my pupils simply dilated and refused to go back. I had my eyes nearly shut into the tiniest slits I could manage and it was still too bright. I ended up collapsing on a low stone wall, watching the sleeping kids, while everyone else went on some ride. The downtime helped and my vision went back to normal. I still have no clue what happened and some google searches I ran later that night didn't turn up anything definitive. If I had other issues afterward, I might have suspected I was stroking out or something.

In the end, I stopped taking both the blood sugar and blood pressure meds, started eating carbs, and never had a repeat experience of whatever it was during the trip. Just as well because it was not a pleasant experience.

I have more Epcot photos including a video, but I'm going to skip ahead to the next day for the last 3 shots. Here's Connie, Jeff, and Maddie at the Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's Castle. I had just bought Maddie that pink Mickey Mouse balloon and she was pretty happy. For the next week she proceeded to abuse the hell out of that balloon, even sitting/jumping on it. I have no clue what sort of plastic they made that outer layer out of but it's sturdy as hell. The balloon lost air but never actually popped to my shock. Whatever they used, maybe we should get BP to put a giant version of it over the oil gusher in the gulf.

The first thing we went on at the Magic Kingdom was Dumbo. Connie watched Will, who I think was sleeping at the time, while the rest of us all got in line. Jeff and Maddie went first, intentionally so that when their ride ended he could pass her off to us and she could get a second go. I snapped this shot while waiting in line.

My mom, grandmother, and I all managed to snag Dumbo's in a row. I was twisted around in the lead elephant, basically taking pictures behind me blindly and randomly. I couldn't maneuver all the way around so that I could actually see the LCD, not and stay in the seatbelt whozit and have a hand on the control lever too. Basically I was taking pictures behind me one-handed as fast as I could, figuring that if I snapped enough, a few had to come out okay.

I ended up getting a couple nice ones, of which this was the best IMO. I certainly didn't plan for the castle to be in the background but it nevertheless showed up in a few of the photos.

And so that's that. There are tons more photos and videos but no promises on when I'll get to posting those, if ever. I'd like to get around to it but this sort of thing always takes forever and I get easily bored.
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