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Fruit always leads to the fall of Man

The intention upon getting back from Disney World was that I would restart all the various medication and the diet as well. While I've done the former, the latter has been a bit shaky. Before today, I held to it in the main though there were some vegetables and fruits that slipped through. Today, I went with my mom and grandma down to a restaurant near where my uncle lives and pretty much ran amok. I tried to be good, sort of, avoiding straight out carby items at first, though I'm sure there was cornstarch galore in a lot of the sauces used. I also managed to avoid anything heavily breaded, though some calimari went down the chute. Where things really went wrong is that the restaurant had obviously come into a huge stash of watermelons recently. There were two shopping-cart sized whozits full of them and I went to town. One of the things I've missed most during the whole carb restriction were melons of all sorts and I ended the meal with what was probably equivalent to a quarter of a watermelon.

I'm starting to think a lot of this is just stupid all around. I've got medical issues chasing medical issues and I have no real clue what is causing what. With the restart of the blood sugar and blood pressure pills, I'm once again experiencing dizziness upon standing, which is unpleasant. What I really should do is get a glucose monitor and try to figure out what the hell is actually going on. The problem is I fucking hate needles. I can't even give myself the humira injections anymore, needing someone else to push the damn button on the autoinjector. The idea of having to stab a finger multiple times a day in order to really figure out whether my blood sugar is out of whack doesn't sound pleasant.

Anyway, after the meal we all went over to my uncle's place and I spent my time watching public tv and then a rebroadcast of a women's gymnastics competition from a month ago. It turns out that they don't have cable or satellite over there and the freaking huge flat screen tv only picks up around a dozen channels. It could have been worse. There was a long interview with Chris Christie, the new governor of NJ, and he was incredibly impressive. I like the guy more and more each time I run across him whether in the news or in such interviews. Finally, there's a politician who's actually trying to fix our problems without the ridiculous amount of bullshit and buck passing we've seen over the years. All politicians claim to not care whether they're re-elected, but for the first time I actually believe one of them is telling the truth. God knows NJ is pretty fucked up financially right now, having a debt that's percentage-wise highest in the country. Being more screwed than California is hardly an enviable place to be. We can only be relieved that someone's actually going to deal with it rather than pulling a sleight of hand and fucking all of us in the ass like Corzine all those years.

Hell, if Christie actually manages to pull this off somehow, bringing NJ back to financial stability after the ship has all but capsized, I would love to see him run for president. Maybe he could do for the federal government what he's trying to do for Trenton. Hell, at this point, actually finding someone who's willing to give it an honest effort would be qualification enough. I'm sure that most of the country is tired of being finessed and we just want to know that someone will try to do what is right rather than what is convenient.
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