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I finally got something useful done this weekend. It wasn't much but considering my average productivity, it might be close to a milestone. I went over to my cousin's place with the new external harddrive and the busted one and got him to crack the case and start transferring the data. Like I had suspected, the drive itself was just fine and it was just the connection point that had snapped off. It must've been an incredibly cheap sodering job considering how it's almost impossible to really put any stress on it to begin with.

The downside of this is that since neither of us had a eSATA cable (which frankly I've never even personally seen much less owned before) the transfer had to handled through good ol' USB. That meant that it would take around 22 hours to transfer the 700 or so gigs of information. Two steps forward and one step back is the takehome message I guess. This means that I still don't have the drives back and may have to actually drive down there tomorrow to reclaim them. The reason I'm in a rush is 3-fold.

1) I put in a RMA with seagate around a week and a half ago. If they don't receive the broken drive within 30 days, they cancel the RMA and my warranty and replacement drive goes into the crapper.

2) The new external I bought came with a manufacturer's rebate. While the deadline doesn't occur until I get back from Origins, the longer I wait the more I run the risk of accidentally going over the time limit and forfeiting $20.

3) I leave for Origins on Tuesday. The con itself doesn't begin until Wednesday but I agreed to run some games that evening and thought it would be prudent to leave a day early. I pricelined a crapass hotel room for Tuesday night, snagging it for $35. In addition to running games, there are a couple other reasons to try to arrive the day before. First and foremost is that I've been pretty fucked up lately. Even with the new medical issues aside, I've had some real pain flareup problems and my pain medication has been less effective lately requiring much larger doses than anything I've tried before. I'm also rooming with 3 complete strangers in a GM room while at origins and it would only be smart to arrive early and try to check-in first. Rooming with anyone can be a problem with my medical issues and I want to try to avoid as many problems as I possibly can *knock on wood*. Add in those new problems of feeling faint at random times when standing and it's like the trifecta of suck. Hopefully by getting there early and giving myself more travel time, I can try to mitigate some of the issues.

All of that said, I'm still not sure if Origins is a good idea this year. I'm really sort of worried about it, figuring that there's at least a fair chance of some medical conundrum. I've yet to actually pass out in public and that would be an experience I'd like to forgo. Maybe I should just take preventative measures ahead of time just like for Disney World and go off the diet and drugs. It's unlikely I can maintain the former while at the con anyway.
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