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All things considered

I meant to write this a bit earlier in the night, but I ended up dozing off a couple of hours ago. The trip here wasn't horrible, though there were some rough spots. On the positive side, I didn't start getting sleepy until right near the end. It's always a catch-22 when you start to doze off at the wheel while driving during summer. The minute you pull over and turn the engine off the car's temperature begins to approach that of an oven, even in the shade. I remember one year driving back from gencon where I could have killed myself a half dozen times over nearly falling asleep on the highway back. I would pull over on the side of the road after nearly dozing off, immediately fall asleep and then wake up 15 minutes with sweat coating every part of my body. I would get back on the road just to get the AC going again and the minute it got comfortable inside the car, I would begin swerving around again.

Anyway, while drowsiness wasn't a problem, pain was. I've never actually driven this particular car before long distance and it has sorta stiff leather seats. After a couple hours in, I started having to take extra pain meds to fend off Mr McStabby. It got pretty bad right after I stopped for gas and I ended up limping around, half bent over, much to the amusement of the locals I'm sure. To make myself feel better I bought myself an ice cream cone from the gas station convenience store. Maybe it was the ice cream and the BK breakfast sandwiches I ate earlier in the day but I didn't run into any dizziness either. All in all, it really could have been worse. If I just loot a pillow from one of these hotels for the drive home, everything might be spiffy.

I ended up getting into town a little after 5 and after making it to my rooom, collapsed on the bed and proceeded to do my imitation jello. I flopped onto the bed and have been watching tv/napping ever since. There are worse things in the world.
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