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The power of cheapness compels you

I've officially gone off the diet for the length of this trip to origins, but it seems like the world is conspiring against me so that I go all the way. It's like how stealing a dollar and murdering a busfull of nuns are both sins. The hotel I'm staying at has a free breakfast and I didn't eat anything the day before after 3pm or so. I was so beat up that the thought of venturing back out to find food was not even an option.

I had assumed that the breakfast downstairs would have things like eggs and bacon, and I was planning only to be bad in so far as I was looking forward to some apple or orange juice. Of course, what I found when I finally limped my way down there were bagels and chocolate chip muffins. And the only beverage choice available was coffee. I ended up scarfing down 2 bagels (snatching one for latter), a muffin, and filled a thermos with coffee containing so much sugar it might as well have been a cup of melted coffee ice cream. All in all, I can think of few meals filled with garbage carbs. Oh well. My motto has always been you can't beat free.
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