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Endings that suck

Nothing ruins a pleasant night at the movies or theatre than an ending that sucks ass. I went to the Steppenwolf Theatre to see their production of Our Lady of errr...some street or other. I guess I could go to the very link I just typed out and check but frankly I can't be bothered. It had vivid characters, excellent dialogue, was witty and funny and I was enjoying it more than anything I had seen in recent memory. I think I'd be very hardpressed to recall a play I liked more by halftime. So why don't I start from the beginning....

Anitra, a grad student in the lab and her friend Sunday and I picked up season tickets to the steppenwolf earlier in the fall. I think it's a package of 5 shows and one pops up every couple months. The first one was a whacky piece of work about two brothers, one named lincoln and one named booth. They lived together and lincoln actually dressed up like abraham lincoln at a penny arcade and had people shoot him in a balcony booth mockup for money. He would then fall and pretend to die. Go figure. Anyway, after a lot of cursing and angst and some tantilizing information about their parents who left them when they were kids...booth shoots lincoln. No one saw that one coming, right? It was wonky and one of them was the guy who played Mr. Trick from buffy.

So I managed to miss the next play and would have missed this one as well if anitra hadn't given me a ring. I rushed on over from my gaming session and was treated to an intelligent and laugh out loud funny play involving the death of a nun at a catholic school/church. Apparently someone has absconded with her body and we get to see all of her friends and former students drawn from the corners of the earth who all return to pay their respects. Each of them has some sort of internal and interpersonal conflict from the gay guy returning to the neighborhood and hides the fact he's gay (it dosen't help that his 'partner' came along and might as well have been wearing a Hi! I'm gay! sign on his chest), a radio show star soaked in sin trying to reconcile with the ex-wife he cheated on, the ex-wife whose heart was broken by the radio star and can no longer love though she's married now to a good man, the crazy psychobitch struggling with her demons, actually, make that two psychobitches, the reserved sweet girl from conneticut who comes with psychobitch #2, a regular guy who cares for his retarded brother, a priest who lost his legs in the war and has also lost his faith, an alcoholic detective whose son was murdered, and some ranting old guy who had his pants stolen along with the corpse. Yep, that's right....someone swiped the corpse. So we're given scene after scene of these people interacting with some of the best funniest dialogue I've run across in ages (Denial is like a pair of prada silk pajamas, the cost is just too high!).

The play had such potential....and it all crapped out at the end. In the end we get a half dozen sentences about how the body was found near the river (half of it anyway with the other half still missing) along with the ranting guy's pants. The detective gives the guy a cross his son used to own, nothing is resolved, and it fades to black. WTF?!? I haven't been this pissed at a play or movie ending in ages. The worst part is it had such potential. They don't even fucking tell you who took the god damn corpse or why. Who the fuck steals the corpse of a nun, not to mention some random guy's pants, only to hack it in half and dump half into the river?! I can understand to be all keeeeeewwwwwwl and edgy nowadays playrights have forced to right absurd bullshit. I blame seinfeld in a lot of ways and modern art in general. The idea is that you can't tell a story normally anymore without being boring or antiquated. You have to have these jerky make-no-sense sort of endings that make people look up at the lights coming on in the theatre thinking 'WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?'. I didn't need a happy ending. I didn't need an ending that filled in all the blanks. All I wanted was an ending instead of some bullshit that made it seem like there was at least another act to come because not even a braindead simplton would end it that way.

This was bullshit. BULLSHIT!

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