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All's well that ends well

Origins is officially over. Even though the convention has come and gone, I'm still in Ohio. I decided a few days ago that driving home today probably wasn't the brightest idea. I may be cheap, but I've also learned from past experience that I'm usually exhausted after cons and have this tendency to fall asleep behind the wheel. There was no way I was going to fork over $140 for another night at the Hyatt but I went on priceline and snagged a 2-star room for $35. Not bad overall, and right now I'm lounging on the bed in the room and taking advantage of the free wifi. The room itself is pretty par for the course, not a rat trap and not a suite, but serviceable all around.

All in all, Origins went pretty well. The only day where I had any real medical issues was on Day 1 where I suffered some light-headedness and general exhaustion. I had been chatting with Sheri and John but had to drag the conversation over to someplace where I could sit/kneel. The standing was starting to make my head whirl. That was the only case of the new problems though as I had stopped taking the blood sugar meds and went off the diet for the con's duration. I can't tell you how nice it was to run around scarfing down bread and potato products. I even treated myself to a vanilla frosty from Wendy's today, though I think my lactose intolerance didn't much care for it.

As for the con itself, I'll hopefully jot a few things down about it in the next day or two. Nothing all that interesting to report but it definitely turned out better than I had feared.
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