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Banzai! Banzai!

I really should update this LJ more often. I realized that just now when I was looking at the list of entries and realized that I hadn't even posted about my stroke of good fortune. A few days ago I got a notice in my email telling me that I had won a Kindle 2! To top it all off, I'm even relatively sure it's not some sort of scam since I actually entered the contest intentionally. Here's the happy message verbatim:

Dear Henry,

Congratulations on winning first place on the Blog With Buzzy contest

You have won a free Kindle.

Please email us your snail mail shipping addy and your prize will be sent out shortly.

You may enter future Buzzy contests and promotions.

Best Regards,
Joy & June @ Buzzy Multimedia

I'm not sure if I ever wrote an entry about this but a few months ago I was running around online when I stumbled across the website for the producers of The Dresden Files' audiobooks. I know I've raved on here about the audiobooks in the past. The production and the skills of the narrator, James Marsters, are both top notch and I had been waiting with baited breath for the new releases. On the Buzzy Multimedia website I found that they had a blog and ran periodic contests. The current one had as its grand prize a brand new Kindle 2 and to enter, all you had to do was comment to the blog. Even better, each comment you made counted as a separate entry to the contest. At the time, I had been sort of bored and looking around online for something to occupy my time. I had spent some time on various Dresden Files forums looking for people to talk shop with and basically just checked myself into the Buzzy Blog and made myself at home.

Unfortunately (or fortunately considering the contest odds) the blog didn't get a lot of traffic all in all and my attempts to start up conversations didn't really go anywhere most times. Still, I stuck around tossing off responses to the various entries that showed up, and even added it as a bookmark on my browser toolbar. I kept this up for weeks and weeks, but sometime around the Disney World trip, the blog sort of slipped my mind. I had forgotten about it and the contest until I got the happy email saying I won. Frankly, I can't remember the last time I've won anything so valuable, much less in a contest where I didn't actually have to buy tickets or stick quarters into a slot.

I'm basically keeping a lid on any real celebration until it actually arrives in the mail, which will hopefully be sometime this week. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'll do with the Kindle. I can't see myself really using it to its full potential, mostly due to my excessive cheapness and my general unwillingness to pay $6-$7 for each digital book. It would cost a fortune to replace even the smallest portion of my home library, and honestly I don't read all that much anymore. I've shifted almost anything I do read over to audiobooks, which I find to be a much more enjoyable, though time-consuming, experience. My sister Connie and her husband have both wanted a Kindle for a long time now and with their busy lives, they probably have far more use for such a device than I would. I'm thinking about giving it to her with some sort of financial kickback and this way everyone wins. She gets something she wanted anyway at a large discount, the device actually gets to be used and enjoyed, and if I ever decide I want to try reading books on a Kindle, I can just borrow it from her.

Anyway, in conclusion, on the off-chance that anyone from Buzzy ever stumbles over this: THANKS! It's pretty spiffy to see one clear, unadulterated piece of good luck. I can't wait for it to get here.
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