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Sloth is my sin of choice

I'm back from Dexcon. Actually, I've been back from Dexcon for a few days now but it's taken about this long for me to recover from the trip. It's really true that I just don't bounce back as quickly as I used to. It used to be that a single day flat on my face would be enough to get me back on my feet but those days of youth and vigor are long past. Now, it's a quasi-nightmarish world of intermixed days and nights where a few hours of consciousness are interspersed between long periods of troubled slumber. I haven't had this many nightmares back to back since I don't remember when.

The con itself actually wasn't all that bad. Things went pretty smoothly and I had a good time. Even things I thought were going to be a problem turned out better than I had any right to expect. For instance, part of the deal for me helping out at the con is that they would find me crash space since commuting 45 minutes each way was getting to be too much for me. There must've been an overstock of gamers because they put us 5 to a room, which sounded like a bad idea all around to me. In actuality, it wasn't all that bad, though I'm probably expressing that opinion at least partly because I got to stake out a bed for the duration. I had to make some adjustments too considering my medical issues, but luckily almost everyone there was the hardcore late to bed and early to rise type of gamer. That meant that I usually had the time and privacy to take care of what I needed to and nothing turned into a kerfuffle. Eh, 'kerfuffle' doesn't trigger my spell checker. I never actually thought it was a real word before. Who knew.

I took some pictures while at the con which I'll probably pop up in the next day or two. Knock on wood. It's been a pretty exhausting con season so far with all of these events back to back and it takes me longer to recover from each one. Gencon is going to kick off in around 2 weeks and there's still a crapton of things I need to do to prepare for it. If nothing else, there's Killer Breakfast to think of and up until a week ago we'd done nothing but procrastinate. Through a few hurried email exchanges, I think we have a schtick put together now and all that's left is to pick up all the supplies we'll need and execute it. All in all, I'd be a much happier camper if there were a few extra weeks to prepare.
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