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This entry should be subtitled, 'Why I'm a complete fucking moron.'

For a while now, I've spent some time worrying about some medical issues, notably the presence of protein in my urine, and trying to figure out the cause. I've gone through some really tenuous reasoning, suspecting various drugs including the Humira injections. After the cessation of various medication failed to resolve the issue, I began to think that perhaps it was simply due to diabetes. While I've never been actually diagnosed, I had a blood test several months back which showed that my blood could be bottled and placed next to Smuckers on the jelly aisle. It's because of that that I went on the no-carb diet, going to some rather extreme lengths to cut them out of my diet. It's also responsible for some pretty extensive weight loss, though due to the fact that I haven't been to the doctor again since, I have no clue how much. It's a visible difference though and I have lotsa new flabby skin that I assume used to filled with fat.

Despite the diet's weightloss results, it didn't seem to do anything about the protein in the urine. While I never had any more urine analyses, it wasn't really necessary. You can tell if there's protein in your urine just from the look of it. If it looks like a hoard of kids have been using it to blow bubbles in, congrats, you have protein. While the protein levels seem to fluxuate, they never died down to what I would think was a normal level. I couldn't figure out if the fact that I was on the diet and eating more protein was causing the mess, and it became an endless cycle of suck. To counter the diabetes, I would need a diet and to eliminate carbs. By eliminating carbs and naturally having more protein, I could be contributing to the protein in the urine which was causing kidney damage.

Frankly, the entire situation was pissing me off and I couldn't see a solution in sight. That's when I stumbled upon the fact that I'm a moron and I probably shouldn't have bothered trying to fix the problem because I was fucked from the very beginning. It turns out that this sort of protein problem is a complication of my medical condition to begin with. I haven't looked up any info on it in years, having given up on the belief that anything would change. This is what I found when I did look on a whim:

Hypoproteinemia and amyloidosis, which can lead to renal failure and death

Fucking wonderful. So it turns out that the whole protein and kidney damage thing might have had nothing to do with diabetes or drugs or anything else in the first place. It's just shit getting worse in general, and not something I could have fixed anyway. It's also nice to know that I can probably look forward to plaques developing. The only bright side there is since it's all internal, at least I won't have to see any of the buggers.

For a while now I've pretty much considered my condition to be stable and arrested. Sure, things weren't getting any better but they weren't getting any worse either. The pain pills function pretty damn well and as long as I take them on time, I don't go through any extreme suffering in most cases. I guess those sunny days of purgatory are over and it's time to face the reality that shit continues to slide downhill, just in ways I hadn't been noticing.
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