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New Rats Day

Well, the new rats are in. I haven't gone to see them yet but really, what is there to see. When you've seen one wall of beady little red eyes staring at you you've seen them all. It looks like it's going to be another week of surgeries for me...weeee. They'll have to acclimate a bit to the colony room so I guess the earliest I could get started is thursday if I wanted to. The problem is it's going to take a minimum of three days most likely to finish for 26 animals and I really would rather not have to cut up rats on the weekend nor have any break in days of surgery. Maybe I should just put it off until Monday if I can....I've got other things I should be taking care of like data and then histo anyway.

The death of rats will come for them all eventually anyway. "SQUEAK" and all. No need to rush it I guess and a couple extra days would be nice to make sure they're not crazed like the last batch. If I hadn't been wearing my handling gloves I would have received so many rat bites from the last group I'd be missing chunks of my fingers. It's not often you see one of the albino rats actually lunge for your hand when you reach for them, or cling to your glove with their teeth and you have to try to shake them off. Crazy bastards. If I didn't need them I'd dropkick the little fargers down the hallway.

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