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Concert pictures

Why do fucking dumbasses constantly take blurry photos at concerts and then post them. A day dosen't go by it seems where I don't see someone posting 10-20 photos on their LJ of truly asstasticly bad pictures of some concert they were just at. Almost without exception they're blurry, some so much so you can't even figure out what the fuck they were snapping if it weren't for all the lights above and pictures of the back of heads on the bottom. The ones that aren't blurry, maybe 5% of the total, suck greatly in other ways. The view is obstructed by heads (and even fingers in the case of some fucking morons who can't operate their camera without sticking their hands in front of the lens), or they only catch half of whoever it is they were trying to photograph in the first place. The pictures suck and I don't think it's a stretch to say that no one wants to fucking see them. At least try using the autofocus you cretins.

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