In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Voice Post

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“I wanted to make some entry edits for my journal but it's been a very bad day it's one of those times where I can't seem to fall asleep for than hour or ___ all of the course of last night and then being ___ day which means I'm constantly kind of exhausted actually the paint issues and well it's not fun so yeah well that's why the voice post. I guess I could just take more meds but I'm really worried about exhausting supply or if we paid to much stain on it besides all I know if I just wait a little longer things will get better on top of that and I seems to have picked up pretty mild cold it's not a big deal I can only notice it from a sore throat and the fact that I'm getting chills so I don't have to taking a shower tonight I'm pretty much freezing to death I'm ___ under the couple of blankets right now trying to warm up and it's been probably an hour and still not doing very well oh well I really want to post about the Tokyo earthquake and the tsunami I knew that following a bit last night but didn't have to wait.”

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Tags: chronic pain, drugs, insomnia, sick, sleep

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