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The Ant and the Grasshopper

It's an odd quirk of my character that I sometimes have this tendency to 'save' the things I think I'll enjoy for a later time. This applied to when I was a kid when I would hoard the best Halloween candy, slowly trimming it away from the flotsam I didn't care for with the idea of having a secret stash to fall back on months later. Of course, this strategy failed me more times then I can count over the years as it didn't matter how much care I took in hiding my stash, my sisters always managed to find it and devour it. In that way, if you think about it, I mostly spent Halloween working for crappy candy that I loathed like candy corn and up to second tier items but always the cream of the crop was lost to me.

This same instinct to acquire and save has also applied to the anime I choose to watch. Over the past year and change, I've accumulated a large stash of series but I've noticed an interesting pattern in what I choose to try to watch and what I don't. For one, there are always shows which I will snag for various reasons that I'm sure either won't be very good or I won't really enjoy. A lot of these tend to be older 'noteworthy' series that had a large impact on the industry or was the foundation of a particular genre. For instance, I snagged all of Mobile Suit Gundam and told myself that I should at least try to watch it because it's the granddaddy of all giant mecha anime. The same for went for Maison Ikkoku in the realm of romantic comedies. In both cases I failed to make it through more than a handful of episodes before throwing in the towel. While it might seem normal to avoid watching shows I don't think I'll enjoy (even if on some level I think they'd be 'good for me'), I also have this odd tendency to not watch the shows that I think I will like best. I have this instinct to 'save' them, leaving them unwatched even when I know no better choices are available. I think this is because of some weird idea that I might really need reliable entertaining one day and this way I will have something I know I can safely fall back on. Like, lets say I was on a trip somewhere and needed to burn up a bunch of time due to a canceled flight or long train ride or whatever. This often leads to an interesting side effect where a lot of the anime I actually get around to seeing (unless it's airing at the very moment) tends to come from the middle of the spectrum rather than either end.

I think I've finally managed to convince myself that this line of thinking is ridiculously stupid and I've started working through the backlog of shows that I've kept on hold but think I will actually enjoy. There's no absolute certainty that it'll be the case, and I'm sure I'll run across at least a few stinkers that I thought were jewels. It all comes down to the fact that there's really no point to try to save anything since, especially in my situation, you might as well consider each day as the first day of the last day of your life. If that actually makes any sense. It's ridiculous to continue to hoard food for the winter when it's already pretty damn cold and blizzard'y right now. To that end, I'm going to pop up some reviews of series that I've wanted to see for a while now over the next few days and we'll see how it goes. Maybe all that anticipation and expectation will pay off or maybe I'll find that vintage bottle of wine I've been saving has been vinegar all along.
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