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Birthday Redux

I left a few people hanging, though not really intentionally, in my birthday post about what exactly it was my mom bought that I found touching and actually got me to drag myself out last week. I figured that I should just wait until I had a picture uploaded, but that ended up taking longer than expected, which in hindsight probably should have been completely expected. So here is what I received:

Yep, it's a giant balloon. I'll bet no one out there was guessing anything of the sort. The reason why i found it touching was actually two-fold. First because it's an absolutely frivolous sort of purpose, the kind we don't make all that often in my family. I would have been less surprised if my mom had bought me a car, assuming that I actually needed one in some fashion. Spending $7.50 on a large inflatable helium balloon with arms though was pretty out of character. Secondly, and more importantly, she got it because she thought I would like it. She actually mistook the character for domo-kun, remembering the giant open-mouth grin. I have a few other domo-items lying around (including a t-shirt, hat, and plushies) but I was still shocked she was even aware of my interest to have gotten it. Before taking the picture I made sure to go upstairs and snag the domo cap I had had made years and years ago.

Here's a picture of the balloon wearing the domo cap. It was actually heavier than the helium inside could lift so I had to keep a hand on it.

As I said in the birthday post, after dragging myself out for lunch with the family we stopped off at my grandmother's house for cake. I passed on the cake but there wasn't any way to get out of the obligatory pictures that went with it. Since I was getting the pictures of the balloon anyway, I snagged a couple shots from there too for upload. And ya, I know I'm pasty. That's what happens when contact direct sunlight around twice a year. I figure my body's vitamin D production must've gone into reverse by now.

Here's me with the cake, looking characteristically thrilled as always.

And here's a shot of me with my mom.

So that's about all I have and it wraps up the whole birthday extravaganza. Actually, that's not quite true. I do have one thing more that I want to share that i found to be an incredibly surreal sort of experience. After getting back home from my grandmothers I fell asleep for a while and when I awoke I found a voicemail on my phone from a missed call. I listened to it and was sure for a moment I had fallen into the twilight zone. For a moment I thought i was in one of those 80's happy family sitcoms where couples really did jointly record happy answering machine messages and the like. Anyway, I'll play it into a voice-post and pop it up.
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