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It's all about the Nom-Nom

A few days ago I posted a status update on facebook.

Since yesterday was the 30th, the contest has been decided and it looks like pain aversion won out over cheapness. I told myself all day I was going to drag myself there but it just didn't end up working out. I made the mistake of eating something in the afternoon and wasn't hungry. Without that as an impetus, and a bout of pain in the early evening, I just wasn't able to overcome inertia and partake in free food. Oh well.

My cheapness combined with my love for a good deal also brought about other interesting events. A couple days ago in the middle of the night I placed an order for $120 worth of soup. That's not a typo. A grocery store seemed to be having a ridiculously priced sale where they were selling cases of organic hippie soup for next to nothing. The shipping was exorbitant but the addition of a coupon code helped to balance it all out.

The sad part is that by the time I saw the deal the only types of soup they had were less then appealing, though it didn't stop me from pulling the trigger. If it had gone through, I would have received 22 cases (264 cans) of mostly lentil, black bean, and tomato soup. I'm not sure what I would have done with all of it, short of trying to use it as a currency and as stocking stuffers/birthday gifts. Luckily (Sadly?) it turned out to be a price mistake rather than a spiffy deal and my order got canceled yesterday. I'm still not sure whether to be sad or relieved about it all. I would have had, if not enough soup for life, then certain for years to come.

My last food-related segment for this entry involved earlier today. I was, once again, surfing deal sites when I saw that a site called was having a promo today. Starting at 6am, the first 2000 people to place orders on the website would get half off their order up to $20. It turns out that campusfood is a site which aggregates all the restaurants near college campuses so that students and those living nearby have one easy place to go to order from any of them. For the convenience, they charge a $.75 service fee per order and in return you don't have to keep track of phone numbers, operating hours, menus, etc. Not to mention they sometimes offer deals so you actually save more than the price of the service fee.

Anyway, I happened to wake up around 10 minutes after 6 and gave the site a whirl. I was mainly looking for a place that would deliver since I'm never sure if I'll actually be willing to trek out nowadays, even for a deal. (see IHOP fiasco above). I happened to stumble over a restaurant that I've never personally eaten at, but is pretty well known for serving a whole series of sandwiches that are pretty famous. It all started with something called The Grease Trucks. These were food trucks parked in New Brunswick on the campus of Rutgers University and would serve all sorts of fast food well into the night for students looking for a knosh. It turns out that when I was a student at Rutgers, I completely missed a phenomenon called Fat sandwiches, which were invented at the grease trucks. At the time, the only thing I ordered from them were ham and cheese subs. The very first fan-inspired fat sandwich was the Fat Darrel. Here's a picture.

They don't call these heart attack specials for nothing. After the Fat Darrel, many other Fat incarnations were invented using ingredients such as cheese steak, gyro meat, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, bacon, eggs, burgers, etc. The basic idea is to take 4-5 items from that list, mash it in between a sub roll and ta da. You have a new Fat Sandwich.

Now, like I said I had never tried one of these while I was at Rutgers but a couple of years ago my sister Shelley was coming over and offered to bring me some food. I told her I didn't care what she brought and she ended up delivering 2 fat sandwiches. Well, this morning as I was looking on the campusfood website, I saw the same restaurant she had ordered from an decided to place an order myself. It ended up costing me $23 which includes tax, tip, service charge, and delivery fee, but I have 6 different Fat Sandwich combinations coming here at noon. Ya, ya, I know. It's a ridiculous amount of food. Even if I were hungry I couldn't finish two of them in a single sitting but I thought it would be spiffy to try it again anyway. I also figure I can break down the component parts and save them, thus having food for days and days.

In case any one reading this actually lives in the US and near a college campus, here's the deal info so you can get in on it.

Campus Food signup link

Coupon Code: ORDERIN

If the restaurant you want isn't open yet you can place the order as a 'preorder', choosing to either have it delivered or pick it up later today.
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