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It just seems like I can't seem to win on the sleep front. A couple weeks ago when I had rats to run every single day and insomnia was running rampant, I was catching less than 5 hours of sleep a night and it was slowly driving me bonkers. Now that I have a lull where there's not much to do I'm sleeping around 10 hours a night but I'm still tired all the time. Just can't seem to find a happy medium.

On a happier note, I noticed that Deirdre Flint is heading to indiana for a show in early June. Apparently it's some sort of weekend folk festival and takes place a little north of indianapolis, around 3 and a half hours from here. I'm considering whether or not I should truck down there and catch the show. It'll probaly depend on whether I can find anyone else who's interested. It might be a bit crazy to subject yourself to a 7 hour roundtrip drive to go to a folk festival unless you have people with you and can classify it as an outing among friends.

I still haven't registered for origins either. I've been tinkering with priceline trying to find a good hotel rate and they have one of those irritating 1 request per 72 hours things. I figure if I can get a hotel rate around 30-35 dollars a night I'll almost definitely head down there. No one else seems to be interested but for me it will be a nice primer for gencon, whetting the appetite and all.

One of my rats ripped off the top of his head again. Bleh.

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