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Keep on keepin' on

Things have been pretty placid lately. Not much has happened to rock the boat generally. I was worried the pain situation was sliding back toward disaster but it seems to have halted its downward plunge and stabilized again. For the time being anyway. Frankly, the way things have been, anytime things don't get worse it's a win. I'm willing to take the status quo just for the tentative promise of stability.

In other mildly uninteresting news, I bought myself a new digital camera. I've been thinking about snagging one for a while now ever since Shelley co-opted my last camera. Since it's not like I go anywhere very often, any camera I own gets only minimal use. That being the case, Shelley has borrowed it quite a few times in her trips abroad. It often takes months for her to get around to returning it which has caused minor inconveniences over time. I asked her if she wanted me to scout her out a good deal on a camera of her own but she was wishy-washy about the whole idea. I figured the easiest solution was just to buy a new camera and let her have the old one.

The new camera is a Canon SD1300 IS which I picked up from Office Depot for $109. Ever since buying my first digital camera for my grandfather's funeral around a decade ago (a Canon G3 btw), I've always stuck with Canon's. From what I've seen they make superior devices and I've never had one crap out on me. If anything, the cameras are really too good for me with all the multiple shooting modes and other options. In general, I just set the camera to Auto and let the little mechanical gremlins inside take care of the rest. About the only thing I have done was flip through the inch thick owner's manual to find the black and white mode, and that was only for a lark.

Lets see....I've also signed up with Swagbucks around a week ago to great success. Swagbucks is one of those websites online which gives you a chance to earn gift certificates and whatnot by participating in various web-based activities. Basically, it's a sort of profit-sharing through advertising. They make money selling ads and services to sponsors and will kick back a small portion of it to the people who view those ads or complete whatever tasks the sponsors paid for. So far, all I've really done is started using their search engine instead of google and in less than a week's time, it's net me enough points for a $5 amazon gift cert. That's a score in my book. Their search engine isn't nearly as good as google, but I'm usually only searching for basic things anyway like company websites or wikipedia pages. It makes no real functional difference to me and they're willing to pay me money to switch. That's about as close to a win-win situation as these sort of relationships get.

And that's pretty much it. I don't think anything else of even minor interest has happened lately. I've been spending most of my spare time rewatching all the episodes of Top Chef from the beginning and downloading various other reality shows for my collection now that the Raid server is back online. It's sort of interesting to rewatch these shows already knowing who's going to win and the various conflicts to come. You get an entirely different perception of many of the characters and how the scenes are laid out. I figure people would have even less interest in reading reality show reviews than they already lackluster anime reviews, so I will spare you any more in depth reporting on my forays into reality show hell.
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