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I <3 free money

Things are pretty spiffy on the Swagbucks front. It's been several days since I traded in the points I had earned for a $5 amazon gift cert and I wasn't expecting another for 10 days. It had taken me a little short of 7 days to earn the first one but I had been helped out by a one-time bonus for joining. I figured if I had to depend upon points coming mainly from searches and bonus codes, it would take quite a bit longer to reach the promise land. That's why I'm happy and surprised to report that I managed to score a second $5 certificate in only 4 days due to some unexpected point accumulation.

When I first signed up for the site it had asked for my birthday and I decided to fib a little and enter a date a month after my actual birthday. These sort of sites often give bonuses out on your birthday and since mine had just passed, I didn't want to wait 11 months to get any potential benefit. I had actually forgotten all about it when 50 points showed up in my account unexpectedly, pushing me 1/9th of the way toward my goal.

I was also helped out majorly by the unexpected fact that they seem to have some relationship with Groupon, offering bonus points for purchases there. I had planned to pick up a Southwest groupon for my uncle ($40 for $80 off any roundtrip flight coming out of Newark Airport) anyway and managed to snag 160 points to boot. Since I buy groupons fairly often, this might be a good source of points in the future. It's pretty much the same as getting $1.75 off every groupon I buy, which is pretty significant as a percentage given that many groupons are only $5-10. Anyway, the groupon purchase along with the birthday bonus propelled me once more into the promise land and I have another $5 gift certificate coming my way.

As I think about it, this whole Swagbucks thing is working out better than I could have imagined. For little to no effort on my part, it's giving me a benefit I can surely use as most of my shopping is done at Amazon. I had only expected to earn maybe $15 a month but it looks like I might have underestimated things a smidge. I know for most of you out there this seems like petty chump change but I view it as found money. It's not costing me anything other than the smallest bit of time and God knows I've got more time than I know what to do with. If I were actually willing to really put some time into it, I'm sure I could make out even better but I'm happy with the dribs and drabs that I'm getting out of searches, daily codes, and some video watching when I'm bored. If I could pick up $25 a month from Swagbucks, that would be $300 a year, which is nothing to sneeze at.
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