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Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is

Connie finally burst on Saturday afternoon. I'm told that the contractions started somewhere around 8am that morning and she finally squirted out the new addition to the family around 2:30 that afternoon. Everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly and the new arrival weighed in at 8 pounds and 4 ounces, possessing all the pre-requisite parts and pieces. It's just as well that Connie gave birth on Saturday because her due date was the next day and she was already ridiculously large. She looked liked she was trying to smuggle a midget in a fanny pack and would pop at any moment. My mom was worried that if the baby got much larger it simply wouldn't fit. She had been trying to convince Connie over the past couple of weeks to cut back on the carbs for fear that they would go straight to making baby godzilla grow. All in all, everything turned out just fine and I'm told that the delivery came with no complications.

Connie was supposed to stay in the hospital for 3 days after the birth but she bulled her way out after only a day and today was their first day at home with all the kids. I guess I should mention that she and Jeff also came up with a name for the baby, Morgan. I swear to God if I had a veto I would be using it right now but since it's not my kid I don't really get a say in the naming. Morgan just sounds more like a man's name to me since I've mostly run across it as characters in books and all of those characters have been male. Not to mention that the most famous Morgan of all time just happens to have been an evil witch and it hardly seems like an auspicious start to me. I can only guess that there were already too many Darth Mauls running around.

That said, I was able to have some amount of influence on the selection of a middle name. It's been a tradition in the family that for each kid, the middle name chosen is the phonetic pronunciation of their Chinese name. I'm the only one who didn't manage to follow this tradition since my mom was so whacked out when it came time to fill out the birth certificate that the line for a middle name was left blank. It would have ended up being something like 'Cheong' though, so I guess I can't complain. That's the problem with doing phonetic translations. No matter how close you get, it's still likely to sound whacky. Anyway, Morgan's Chinese name sounds like the Chinese word for 'red'. There are a ridiculous number of homonyms in Chinese and while the name sounds like 'red', I think it might actually be a flower or something. My mom gave me a call yesterday wanting an opinion on how to spell 'red' in English since Connie and Jeff were filling out the birth certificate in the hospital at that very moment and needed to know what to put in. 'Red' is usually phonetically spelled as Hong, which I tried to veto immediately. It just sounded too chinky to me. In my opinion, 'red' also sounds a bit like 'hone', which at least would be sort of unique. Really, English just does a poor job of approximating Chinese and given that whitey isn't going to know the difference anyway, I thought Hone was better than Hong. If she doesn't like it, she can go to city hall in 18 years and change it her damn self.

I haven't actually seen the kid in person yet but I've been shown some pictures. Shockingly, it looks like Connie's Mexican baby streak came to an end at 2. All her previous kids have looked like little Mexicans but Morgan bucked the trend. She actually looks like some normal mixture of Caucasian and Chinese, though my mom swears that she looks just like Connie did as a baby. Frankly, I can't really tell the difference with kids and it all ends up being the same. I am sort of curious if she'll differ from her brother and sister once she grows up having looked so different at birth. Both Maddie and William grew more Caucasian as they aged, especially Maddie, and I wonder if Morgan will reverse the trend, already looking pretty White at birth, or if she'll go in the same direction and any Asian features will dilute even further.

If I get the chance I'll try to snag the memory card from my mom's digital camera and upload a few pictures. It doesn't do anything for me but I know some people out there just love looking at baby pictures.
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