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Pictures and pain

So I snagged my mom's digital camera last night and went through the memory card, pulling off around a dozen pictures. She takes a ton even during a normal day so you can only imagine how many there were over the past couple of days. If I had tried to snag, upload, and caption them all it would be an all day project, not to mention being repetitive as hell. Instead, I combed through the batch and tried to cherrypick a few good ones to display.

This is actually from a couple few weeks ago. You might remember that me that giant face balloon for my birthday a while back. I had suggested she bring the balloon over for Maddie and Will to play with after my birthday had passed but she refused, saying that it should stay in my room at least until it started to deflate. It eventually got brought over and it looks like they set it up so that both Maddie and Will got to have a balloon.

Here's Will a few days before Morgan's birth. The shirt he's wearing is actually something I got for him last year while in Chicago. Friends and I went to the Bristol Renn Faire and they had little bear pirate shirts in baby sizes that I thought were spiffy and so I picked him up one.

And here's Maddie from a few days before right after an Easter celebration at her school. This was actually one of a long series of pictures and I was surprised she was willing to be still and behave that long, having her picture taken. Turns out my mom told her she couldn't go inside the house until she went through the photo session.

Here's Connie from a few days before the birth and as you can see, she's just about ready to burst. I wasn't kidding when I said it looked like she was trying to smuggle a midget in a fanny pack. She was getting huge.

Here she is right after the birth, having deflated quite a bit.

Here's my mom holding Morgan. In many of the pictures of Morgan, you'll see that she has red marks all over her face. It seems that they didn't have her mittens on at first and she kept trying to suck her thumb and upon missing would scratch herself with her fingernails. It wasn't anything major but in some of the pictures it does look like she had a run-in with Freddy Kruger.

Here's Maddie with her new kid sister. She seems really happy and excited about the idea of having a sister and I'm curious how long it'll be until the jealousy kicks in. She was happy and excited about Will at first too but took to kicking him whenever no one was watching after a while.

And it looks like Will now will have someone of his own to bully. He's no longer at the bottom of the pecking order, not that he ever lets Maddie run all over him. Well, once he achieved locomotion anyway. He's surprisingly strong and has been known to give her a smack now and then.

My grandmother holding Morgan with Maddie looking on.

The proud new papa, holding the new addition to their family.

And lastly, here's pretty much everyone gathered around the baby. That's my uncle in the upper right corner there.

And so much for pictures. That actually took less time than I was expecting. Like I said, I haven't seen Morgan in person yet and it could be quite some time before I do. I doubt Connie will want to take her out for a while and it's pretty unlikely that I'm going to trek all the way over there just for the privilege of seeding the new addition to the family. I figure the pictures are just as good for now and they have the advantage of not urinating or spitting up on you. There will be plenty of time once she's bigger.

Also, it's not a good time for me overall anyway. The past few days have started a downhill slide as far as the pain situation goes. Ideally, my pain pills should last for 12 hours according to the drug company. Almost from the beginning though, my doctor agreed to let me take them at 8 hour intervals since they didn't seem to last the entire duration. In good times when they have stretched beyond 8 hours, I've been able to stockpile pills for a rainy day. It's raining now. What should be lasting 8 hours isn't even making it 6 at the moment. Even in those situations where I'm willing to dip into my reserves for an added boost, it can be a hour or two before the pain actually goes away. I try to find something to occupy my mind, like posting pictures on LJ, but honestly it's not really all that great of a distraction. As simple as it is, posting entries still requires some thought and it's better if the distraction is mindless. It's hard to keep your concentration when it feels like someone is stabbing you in tender parts with a shiv. At least I can hope that I took the booster early enough that it's able to halt things before they get too much worse, but for now it's still a trial.

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