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Obama-Osama. It's all about a little B.S.

If I hadn't seen the turn of events over the past few days, I would never have believed it. Somehow, and the how of it is almost beyond comprehension, the Obama administration has turned the death of the most hated and hunted person in the world into a complete clusterfuck. What should have been a joyous occasion has instead turned to shit in a shockingly short period of time and it only seems to be getting worse.

I seldom agree with Obama about anything, but I almost always understand his reasoning for why he does what he does. I have to admit that his decision to not release the bin Laden death photos is completely beyond me. Even before that, I have no clue why they would have tossed the body overboard, knowing that there would be challenges to its authenticity. Trust me, you are not going to be able to piss off the raghead terrorists or incite them to want to damage the US any more than they already want to. Releasing the photos would have done zilch to make matters worse among that group and would have also put to rest many of the wild conspiracy theories that are popping up. I can't think of any real justified reason to withhold the photos and the fact that Obama is doing so, increases my suspicions. I usually try to stay as far away from fuzzyheaded conspiracy theories as possible, but it's hard when so many facts make no sense.

  • Osama was armed when the Navy Seals raided the compound

  • Osama was killed during this armed conflict

  • Osama held his wife up as a human shield and she was killed during this altercation

All three of these statements were released by the Obama administration about the circumstances of the raid. All three of these statements were proven to be lies only a day or two after the fact. We now find out that Osama wasn't armed, he didn't use his wife as a shield, and he was only killed after the initial conflict ended. Now, I have no problem with shooting these guy in cold blood. I don't even have a problem with having to waste his family members if that's what it took to make sure he was either captured or killed. What I do have a problem with is when you release ridiculous lies that are easily verified as lies. It creates unnecessary distrust and fuels conspiracy theories. Add all of this to the fact that you destroy the body and refuse to release any photos proving the events occurred and it's almost as if the Obama administration is courting disbelief.

Unfortunately, in addition to the ranks of the whackjobs, many other people are starting to question the entire scenario. It's almost impossible to look at world reaction and not see daily rumblings about the inconsistencies and outright lies from governments that are supposed to be our allies. Some of these people were pussies to begin with and were always going to whine and complain about Osama's death, but the key is not to make their complaints seem legitimate, which is what Obama has done. I only hope to God they hacked off one of his fingers or something before they shoved him overboard so that there is definitive proof of his death through DNA. I'd prefer if they had kept the entire body and encased it in a vat of congealed pig fat, but you take what you can get. In my happy dreams they take the cube of pig fat with Osama floating in the middle like a pineapple chunk and move it to the Natural History Museum in a position of honor. Kids from all over can then come for field trips and have pictures of themselves taken with the Osama jello cube. Ah...if only.

Anyway, here is a video I found which best summarizes the entire Osama takedown. It's from a Taiwanese television station and is animated. It's full of win.

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