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WTF?!? Clip show?!

Jesus christ on a fucking pogo stick. I can't believe that even reality shows have having clipshow episodes. WHAT THE FUCK?! The episodes for the Apprentice were filmed freaking months ago at the very least if not over a year by now. There should be no justifiable reason to have a recapping clip show that basically shows us things we've already seen before. The extra little 30 second speeches by those fired didn't even come close to making the episode worthwhile. I can understand why scripted shows that have a tight filming schedule might need a clip show occassionally due to time constraints. Toss in 10% new material and poof, another episode is done. There is just no reason for this in a reality show that's already in the can.

And survivor is pissing me off too. There's not a single person left that I woudln't like to see die a horrible death, crushed by a giant pneumatic hammer. Well, maybe if amber showed some boobie we could leave her crushing for last but Lex and Boston Rob will be the first to be squished if I had my way. I really don't think I'd spare a single one of the fuckups that are left.

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