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Cyborgs of the future

My dad's in the hospital. Not to worry though, it wasn't for anything unexpected. He's been having knee problems for a while and is finally getting knee replacement surgery. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is since we communicate about as well as an armless Helen Keller. I do know that fluid has been accumulating somewhere in there and he had to get it drained via syringe a couple of times. Considering my general fear of needles, I don't even want to know what kinda spiked turkey baster they ended up having to use for something like that.

I will admit I was pretty blase about the surgery in general though. My family has this tendency to over react about medical issues and so you usually have to take anything with a pretty large grain of salt. This is emphasized 10 fold with my dad who is a Grade A certified hypochondriac. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but he used to go around with a notebook where he would record his blood pressure and other vital statistics a dozen or more times a day. I guess his dedication to avoiding the grim reaper might be looked upon admirably by some people, but I can't help but view it a little contemptuously. It's not like he was a paragon of health for the vast majority of his life but by the time he hit his 60's and felt death knocking it was diets and exercise and an almost obsessive interest in his own health. Frankly, I'm not sure I wouldn't welcome the shadow lover if only I could somehow make an appointment.

All of that said, my blase views were reinforced by the fact that I thought knee replacements were pretty easy peasy. Even back in highschool I knew a couple of local athletes who had had to have the procedure done and its ubiquitous made me consider it the surgical equivalent of 2+2. I mean, I know there's a risk whenever you have to use general anesthesia but I figured that was likely the main concern and that recovery was almost an in and out affair. It turns out that that view was a little skewed now that I do some more reading. By far a knee replacement doesn't come close to the triple bypass he already had to have a couple of years ago, but it's apparently not a cake walk either. The recovery time will take months to fully complete and there are a variety of potential complications which could muddy the water. In the end, it probably wouldn't be anything to worry about at all in a 20 year old athlete but the situation's different when you apply it to a person in his late 60's with additional medical issues.

The surgery was actually yesterday and I haven't heard any updates about how it went since then. I can only imagine everything went well or the entire family would be buzzing like an overturned ant hill. I think he's going to have to stay in the hospital for at least another couple of days and then we'll see how the prospects look.




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