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Stranger than fiction

So I have a ridiculous tale with which to regale you. I still think it might just be the nuttiest thing that has ever happened to me.

Our story begins, as most stories, with my profound irritation with the world. In this particular case what was irritating me was the Swagbucks facebook page. As I had mentioned previously, over the past couple of weeks I've taken to hanging out on their wall for petty amusement. The fine line between amusement and irritation had been pushed greatly toward the latter on this particular morning. During the overnight, the main Swagbucks site had undergone some technical refits on their servers which were causing lingering problems. Because of this, all of us had to deal with the hoards of dumbasses streaming to the wall and posting the same questions over and over and over. It always baffles me why these mental defectives can't take the five seconds to actually scan the other comments on the wall before posting. If they did, they would find the answer to what they're asking and not add to the already ridiculous amount of scroll and spam.

So it was after a couple hours of dealing with morons which prefaces our tale. Three times within a half hour period a person kept repeatedly posting about some contest site where she needed help to win a prize. These sort of solicitations usually get on my nerves anyway but the repeated nature of it mixed in with all the other dumbasses got my goat. I decided to jot off a few snide comments in an attempt to stop the spam.

The exchange continued for a bit past that but was mostly just asinine back and forth. On a lark, I actually went to the discussion board and tried to see exactly what site she was trying to shill for. It turned out to be a facebook page for gift baskets and so I popped over to look around.

I thought, hell, I'm here anyway. I might as well sarcastically add my 2 cents to the other entries and maybe get whatsherface to shut her piehole while I was at it. It was also soon after I posted that I noticed they had just passed the 2500 fan mark and I figured that would be the end of it no matter what.

The end of the contest pretty much stopped the contest shilling and I went about my day. Nothing interesting for the most part. I finished re-listening to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on audiobook and started in on The Dresden files once more. I fell asleep sometime in the early evening and when I woke up a couple hours ago and checked facebook, there was a message from the person I had tangled with that morning. It seems that the gift basket site had finished their contest tabulations.

If this doesn't deserve a headslap, I don't even know what does. The entire situation feels like it could be a giant practical joke or the facebook equivalent of candid camera.

So in the end, I'm not quite sure what to make of all this. I haven't yet sent in an email to respond, though I'm sure I will later this morning. If there is a message and meaning to all of this, I think it's that God wants me to continue being a jerk. He wouldn't reward me with a gift basket otherwise, right?
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