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The cock seen 'round the world

If you follow politics at all, then it's very likely you've had Anthony's Weiner's cock repeatedly shoved in your face ever since memorial day weekend. The story started friday night when a 21 year old journalism student in Seattle was sent a picture of an erect penis from Weiner's twitter account. This tweet was deleted almost immediately by Weiner, which along with other tweets that night showed he was online and using his account. He immediately claimed that his 'facebook' had been hacked, which brought immediate suspicion and confusion since the two have no direct interactions as platforms much less password sharing. You can't tweet from your facebook and you can't post to your facebook from your twitter. Since this happened on a holiday weekend where there wasn't much news, the internet whooped it up, but I sort of doubted that the story would have legs or get picked up by the mainstream press. But then, Weiner blew his load of stupidity all over the place and the circus came to town.

I feel sort of obligated to share the image here. I figure if I have to suffer looking at it, then everyone else should too. It's the supposedly ambiguity of this weiner picture which has brought everyone such amusement. Weiner claimed in numerous interviews that he didn't send the picture to the 21 year old journalism student but said he couldn't say 'with certitude' that the penis in the picture wasn't his. He later followed up that gem with the comment that he and his people were 'investigating' whether it was his penis in the picture. All around the world you can hear a smacking sound as public relations people everywhere headslap in chagrin. Here's what his friend Jon Stewart had to say about certitude.

You gotta love this sort of self-inflicted wounds. Weiner obviously has something to hide and can't seem to just man up and admit it's his cock that we've all been forced to stare at for the past week. He's also walked back his claim of hacking, refusing to contact the authorities for an investigation since hacking is a crime, and now refers to the incident as a 'prank'. That has also fanned the flames since you would think that if he really were the victim of a crime, he would want the police or FBI involved to help prove his innocence. Unless, of course, he does have something to hide.

There are many theories out there right now about what really happened based on the information we have at hand and it's interesting to see just how much legwork the various internet blogs and denizens have done trying to prove their own pet theory.

Theory #1: Weiner did indeed mean to send a picture of his weiner to the 21 year old journalism student. What happened was he typo'ed while trying to tweet her the picture and instead of sending it as a private message, made it public instead.

Theory #2: A third party discovered Weiner's email address to a photo sharing site and emailed the Weiner weiner picture to it, which causes it to also tweet the picture to whoever is included in the header. This theory is generally agnostic on whether the weiner is Weiner's, though you do have to wonder if it's not his why he's bent over backwards to not deny it.

Theory #3: This theory is actually floated by the 21 year old journalism student who actually got sent the weiner picture in the first place. She says that she's never met Weiner in the first place but her last name starts with the same letter as a Pr0n star and stripper that Weiner also follows on twitter. The idea is he meant to send his cock picture to her and the autofill feature instead sent it out to the student instead. To support this, the Pr0n star has confirmed that Weiner has sent her private messages in the past and she has tweeted some raunchy things about him before.

So there you have it. Three conflicting theories about the Cock heard around the world. All I know is that I'm still finding the whole story amusing as hell, especially since it's almost entirely a self-inflicted wound. It couldn't have happened to a more self-righteously smarmy guy either. He's been playing the holier than thou card repeatedly lately as the avenging angel of the extreme Left and it's delicious irony that it's his inability to tell the truth clearly and without equivocation that's biting him in the nuts. You have got to love politics.
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