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Choking on his own weiner

And so it ends, not with bang but with the soppy, sniveling tears of a liar. For those that may have missed it, Anthony Weiner held a press conference yesterday where he admitted that he had been lying all along. It turns out that Theory #1 was right on the nose and correct in every single respect. Despite all the bullshit about proof of innocence, yfrog exploits, EXIF file abnormalities, and everything else spun by the liberal blogosphere, it turns out that the accusations against Weiner described the situation perfectly. He took the picture of the cock seen 'round the world himself and sent it off to the 21 year old journalism student. He meant to send it as a private message but fumble-fingered the attempt and we only found out about any of this because _1_ single twitter user happened to see it and snag a screenshot of it in time before it was deleted. BTW, the journalism student still claims that she neither solicited the picture nor conversed with him in any fashion other than a 'form letter' tweet welcoming her to his feed. I think we can all be pretty sure she's a lying cow. It turns out that she's hardly the first to receive erotic pictures from the guy and if he were really sending them to random strangers without any encouragement or acceptance beforehand, he would have been outed long before now.

It's at this point that I have to issue a sort of mea culpa. It's a bitter pill to swallow but I actually believed Weiner's lie that he didn't send the tweet of his genitals. I know that might sound odd to many of you out there, but the way I reasoned it is that if he wasn't willing to deny the picture was of him, then it lent more credence to his denying of sending it. It was possible, after all, that the picture was actually something taken years ago and recovered from an old girlfriend or as a result of some prank. I figured that if he was going to lie, he would have gone whole hog and denied everything. Maybe, in the end, my own circuitous logic blinded me to reality or maybe I just really suck at judging people. This is now the second time that some punkass pervert liberal asshole has pulled the wool over my eyes. The first, of course, being Big Willy Slick who told us all that he did not have sexual relations with that woman, and who I believed to my everlasting shame. Now I have to add Weiner to the list of those who had me fooled. Oddly, I've never been wrong before when evaluating whether Republicans were liars in similar circumstances. I wonder if it's because I extend liberal assholes more leeway and benefit of the doubt because I know I don't like them or agree with their politics. It could also just be that liberal assholes are better liars than Republicans.

I am, however, a little relieved by the fact that no matter how suspect my judgment may be I at least know that I'll never be as insane as those liberal nutjobs. Many of the same blogs which were defending Weiner from the very beginning, claiming they had proof of his innocence, have been unwilling to see the Light. They're now claiming that Weiner lied in his press conference and never actually sent out the cock pictures. Their theory is that he's somehow being blackmailed and forced to issue a false confession. One example of the insanity is here. I remind you this is the same jerkoff who said he knew who had set up Weiner and said he had proof 100% of those responsible. So I guess I can at least be happy that no matter how bad things get, I still have my tentative grasp on reality unlike these assholes.

So does this end the Weinergate saga? Probably not. While Weiner says he will refuse to resign and has done nothing wrong, there are already reports out that he coached some of the women to lie and tried to put them in touch with his PR team, which were paid with congressional funds. There's also a woman in Texas who says that she had multiple bouts of phone sex with Weiner and that he called her using his congressional phone line because when she tried to call the same number back, she was told it was a Member of Congress outgoing line only. An ethics investigation will no doubt begin soon and while it's clear Weiner violated the rules governing Congress which would be enough to get him drummed out, it'll be more murky to show if any laws were broken. All of this just goes to show that you should never believe a talking Weiner.
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