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Dog days

The last couple of days here in jersey have been a heat wave. While I absolutely loathe warm weather, it's not like I can complain seeing as I probably spend 23 hours of every single day in my temperature controlled room. It's not like I turn it into a freezer because my hatred of heat conflicts with my inherent cheapness, but at the very least I can neuter any humidity and keep it tolerable. That said, I was still a little disgruntled upon reading that many of the schools in the area are having half days due to the heat. Maybe it's just a grumpy old man sort of thing to say, but when I was a kid, we never got off from school for heat. I don't recall a single instance in all the years I was in grade and high school. And it's not like our schools had air conditioners either. Most rooms had some rickety heaters that were hit or miss during winter but the only classroom in all my days of schooling that actually had A/C was the computer lab. For all that Metuchen had a pretty good reputation for its public schools, it certainly wasn't because they were throwing money into infrastructure. I still recall how one classroom on the second floor had such a ridiculously large leak in its roof that on rainy days it resembled a swimming pool. That said, we all still managed to muddle through somehow and I think almost everyone could at least read and add simple figures without needing to take off their shoes once they got above 10.

So because of that, I'm more than tempted to just come to the conclusion that kids today are ridiculously coddled. I know some morons put forth the argument that the global warming boogie man is turning our entire planet into a charcoal briquette and thus we have to make adjustments like letting the kids out for heat days. Of course, what the science also tells us is the average increase in temperature over the whole of the 20th century was fucking 1.33 °F. It was not any significantly cooler when I was a kid, you whiny morons. A half a degree is not going to cause your brains to roast in your little skulls. Oh, oh! Whatever shall we do?!? It's 98.2 degrees today whereas it was only 97.5 degrees 15 years ago! Get back to class, slackers. It's not like most of you can afford to waste the extra education given the pervasive stupidity that's been lingering about. At least when I was a kid, the functionally stupid could at least go to trade school and enter a career making a small fortune charging doctors and lawyers to fix their plumbing or furnaces. Now, we're told that all the decerebrated little assmonkeys, no matter how mongoloid they may be, should be going off to college to earn a degree in finger painting or gender studies. We'll all be better off the day that some people finally realize that you can't polish shit and call it a diamond. Pushing people towards paths which they aren't suited for isn't going to end up being good for anyone involved. It's times like this that I think that A Brave New World had it right with their classification system. A place for everything and everything in its place.
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