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Time flies when you're twiddling your thumbs

I can barely believe it's almost been a month since I last made an entry. I know i've been slacking for some time. Every other day I'll think to myself that I should make an entry about this or that, and then just put it off. I never thought that all that procrastination had actually added up to a month. Where does all the time go.

Anyway, as you might imagine, a lot of various things have happened in the past month. Even in a life as inconsequentially boring as my own, there are till things that happen. Perhaps they're only interesting considering the context, but it's still things I should have jotted down and didn't. I think what I'm going to try to do is make a series of catchup entries on the various minutia which have come to pass and we'll see how much I actually get to before boredom and procrastination catch up to me once more. It's actually looking like a busy couple of weeks coming up and if I don't at least try to make a few entries now, I'll never get around to it.
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