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Do you start from the head or the tail?

I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but my pain issues have actually been better the past month or so then they've been in years. It's ironic really. The situation was so bad back in March and April as to to be dire. I would pop pill after pill after pill to no effect. Then, a few months later and I feel I could almost stop taking everything and be fine. I'm starting to think that this sort of uncertainty and cycling is perhaps one of the crueler parts of the whole situation. I'll probably never ever know when things will be good or when they'll go to crap. God knows that even after all these years, I've never managed to find any real commonality for the good times nor the bad.

That said, because it's been relatively good on the pain front, a lot of my issues during Gencon were actually due to the loss of muscle tone over the years. Lets face it, when you get about as much activity day after day as a turnip, it's going to have some unfortunate consequences. I was almost shocked to find how exhausting I found even basic activities, and how much heavier things seemed to be upon lifting them. The image in my mind's eye of how much 20 pounds weighs no longer matches my current perception of it. It's almost like finding out that someone adjusted the gravity on the planet to 1.5x normal. It's not like I was ever super strong or anything but I could always heave things about with relative ease and just dealing with carting a 40lb suitcase or other common items were backbreaking.

I guess the answer should be that I should take advantage of this momentary reduction in pain to get some more physical activity in. It's not like the pain or discomfort is gone completely, especially during activity, but it's unlikely I'll get a better opportunity. The downside is that while I know that's what I should do, I don't wanna. Mix being lazy with just having gotten used to being a vegetable. I figure babysteps (possibly literally here) is the right way to go. I oftentimes beg off on weekend family outings for meals, choosing to not leave the house. I also haven't gone on a non-necessary venture out in ages, though that's for a given value of necessary. I actually tagged along to the local Korean grocery store that opened up maybe a half year ago and was absolutely amazed at what I found inside. This wasn't a supermarket as much as it was a mega supermarket. Say what you want about the Koreans, but their places of business are neat, efficient, and just all around impressive. I also ran into some Engrish which made me smile. It was apparently 'Pork Week' at the H-Mart and they had hunks of fresh pork out with butchers who were chopping bits and pieces off to order. The giant sign next to the table advertised 'Freshly caught pork', which I found incredibly amusing. I had this picture in my head of them getting orders and a band of Korean hunters exiting out the back to hunt wild boar in the suburbs before returning with a fresh kill. It's too bad I didn't have my camera with me or I would have taken a picture of the sign.

That wasn't the only spiffy part. There were a bunch of stores in the H-mart, selling all sorts of knickknacks like stuffed animals, anime goods, appliances, and even a bakery. Then in the corner I saw a little shop that absolutely made my day. This is one of what I bought there.

Yep! It was a Taiyaki stand! I've wanted to have Taiyaki for ages now, and I don't even like freaking red bean paste. I've just seen it so often in anime, being eaten by characters at their school festivals or wherever that it occupies a happy little place in my heart. Not to mention just how prevalent it was in Kanon which is one of the earliest anime I ever watched years ago. It was actually before my rediscovered interest in anime last year, meaning that it's been long enough I don't even remember all the details about the show. I still remember Ayu and her love of taiyaki though. It probably helps that she was voiced by Yui Horie who I absolutely adore. It was such an iconic part of the character they even made a figure out of it.

I always meant to rewatch Kanon, and the remake that came out years afterward, but it's just another item on a long list of things I mean to get to one day. Maybe with this happy event I'll finally get around to it now, moving it to the top of the list.

Just for the record, I do know that since I was in a Korean supermarket, it's probably more accurate to say that what I bought was really Bungeoppang and not Taiyaki. I don't care. It's pretty much the same thing anyway and thinking of it as Taiyaki makes me happy. Not to mention, I have no interest in Korean culture so I'm choosing willful personal obfuscation on this.

I'll now leave this entry with another picture I took upon getting back home. He is me making the 'fish face' with my newfound Taiyaki friend. I'm sad to report he perished along with his brethren soon after this image was taken.

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