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It's a TRAP!

I just saw the following on Sankaku and it seemed fitting given my railing against stupidity. At least this moron got what was coming to her, though it's too bad she took her husband with her and her intrepid band of mouth-breathing hole diggers survived.

A young woman who accidentally killed herself and her husband by digging a 2.5m deep pitfall trap in the sand is currently the subject of tragic ridicule throughout Japan.

The incident transpired on an Ishikawa prefecture beach, when a 23-year-old woman resolved to “surprise” her 23-year-old husband with a pitfall trap.

Together with “four or five” male friends, she spent the afternoon digging out a 2.5m deep and 2.4m wide hole in the sand using shovels, which she then covered with a sheet, which was further disguised with more sand.

She then waited until nightfall and invited her husband out onto the beach, accompanying him to the site of trap.

As planned, both fell into the trap, but it promptly fell in around them and proved impossible to escape.

Nearby friends heard their screams and called in the fire brigade, but by the time they had rescued them from the hole several hours had elapsed and both showed no signs of life.

The couple were taken to hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival. They are thought to have suffocated in the sand.

According to other beach-goers, the group digging the huge hole were warned that they should fill in the hole and go home as it was dangerous, but they only acknowledged the warning and continued their undertaking anyway.

Police are considering pressing charges of involuntary manslaughter against the surviving group.

Just in case you need the conversion (and god knows I did and had to look it up), 2.5 meters translates to 8.2 Feet!

Sit back for 10 seconds and think about that. This moron and her band of sandworms dug an 8 foot pit in the sand! I can only assume they must've had a ladder or something else to get them out of the pit or it would have collapsed long before just from them trying to get out of it. I know there's no info in the story, but I also refuse to believe that alcohol or drugs didn't play a part somewhere in this. I just can't imagine what sort of delusional thinking could get you to this point otherwise.

Step 1: Dig a pit so I can make a trap to fall into with my husband.
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profit!

Maybe there's more to the story and this was a murder plot gone wrong. I hope so because it gives me the willies to think that maybe she had simply seen one romantic comedy too many and thought it would be a neat idea for a beachside tryst. After all, in anime, girls are always tripping and sprawling on top of guys for a blush-filled romantic interlude. Of course, you usually don't fall 8 fucking feet, but maybe she just thought bigger was better. I just know that the last thought that went through this guy's head was probably WTF?!?!.

Maybe I'm just being naive. Considering all the pokemon and monster hunter games out there in Japan, maybe she was just cosplaying Ash Ketchum. Gotta catch 'em all.
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