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Game day, anime, and pr0n

I should have mentioned this earlier, but on Saturday I actually went to one of the game days at the Panera. It's probably been around a year since I've attended and it just happened that I decided to go the day a hurricane was supposed to blow into town. I've actually thought about making an effort to pop back before now but something else has always won out, whether it be laziness or whatever. I spent a few hours there and spent most of the time chitchatting with people I hadn't seen in quite a while. About the only thing I did play was a game of Transamerica where I seriously got my ass handed to me. I'd like to try to make more of an effort to show up at these events again, though not really for the boardgaming. It's just another opportunity to get up and about, especially since things are still going relatively good on the whole pain front. I know that that won't last and it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to take advantage of it while it does. It's also a chance to try and reconnect with some people that I've lost touch with over time. About the only time I ever see these people nowadays is when some of them attend one of the Double Exposure conventions or when The Bills have a get together.

Speaking of The Bills, I spent some time talking with Bill Mick and I was asking him what anime he's seen lately. He's about the only person I know who actually watches anime, though discussing the topic with him always makes me feel like a bit of an otaku freakazoid. Part of the issue is a distinction that splits anime fans stemming from a discussion on 2chan, there are two types of otaku: Type A and Type B. Here's a summary of the different groups, though it's mostly about the type of shows you watch. Bill is clearly a type A as he's looking to find series which tell an intricate story with plot and drama whereas I still have a good chunk of B in my nature. I guess that's inevitable, after all, one of the first animes I ever watched and really fell in love with was Love Hina. I just to absolutely love rom-coms and harem animes, though I find my tastes are evolving. I don't seem to have as much tolerance for tripe and the uselessly vapid though there are still times I find myself attracted to silly. It's a fine line.

Well, here's one example. I was bored a few days ago and was scrolling through the list of anime available on Crunchroll. I saw Nichijou, which is a show currently running in Japan. The title translates to 'My Ordinary Life', but it's anything but as you'll see if you read the wiki page. Crazy characters, no overarching plot, nutty situations, etc. Hell, there's a robot, a talking cat, and a guy who rides a goat to school. I can't imagine any Type A otaku managing to tolerate it for more than a single episode, but I got hooked and didn't manage to stop for several episodes. If you want to watch it, you can for free here. I've already made a note to snag the whole thing when it comes out and gets fully fansubbed. If you do try to watch an episode, let me know what you think and if I'm just daft for finding it so amusing. Sometimes I think I just have a very stunted sense of humor.

On a sidenote relating to Nichijou, I ran across something on Sankaku I thought was amusing. I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but just like the pr0n industry here in the US often makes pr0n movies parodying current films, the pr0n industry in Japan often makes parodies of anime. So you have real actors and actresses dressed up like their respective anime characters and then bow-chika-wow-wow. I'm not here to debate the merits of cartoons turned into pornography (though I think it would be hilarious if the US had a similar bent. Spongebob the Pr0n.) What I did want to show is the amazing lengths that the pr0n industry there will go to match up with the show they're milking. Take a look at this: (The following is completely safe for work)

The top video is the pr0n company parody while the bottom is the actual promo for the show and then its opening video. Say what you will, it must've taken a lot of work to match up all of those frames just right even if they approximated in a lot of places. Not to mention time as well. I just find it amusing that a pr0n company would go to such lengths, especially for an opening which contains, well, no pr0n.
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