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Hurry up and wait

Well, today is the last day of my trip to Ohio. Well, maybe. My flight out to Laguardia airport was supposed to take off in 35 minutes but it seems that there's been a substantial delay. There's apparently a lot of rain storms in the NYC area right now and the revised flight time isn't until 7:30. That means I have another 3 hours here with nothing much to do. The only plus side at all is that I managed to find myself an unoccupied outlet in a corner and snagged it. Even better, it's in a little alcove and there's even a little rolly cubicle divider here for some reason. I was able to use it to create my own little fort/fortress of solitude where I'm currently parked with my netbook and some cookies. All in all, it could be worse.

As for the trip itself, everything went pretty spiffy. Charliecon was a lot of fun and it was really nice to see Chelle and Todd again. I'll hopefully get around to making an entry about it in more depth but you can never discount my ability for procrastination. If the flight gets any more delayed, I might just get bored enough to start while I'm still stuck here. I'm a little worried that I'll actually doze off and miss the flight since I'm incredibly sleep deprived. It's not a big deal when I'm up and about doing things but the minute there's downtime my eyelids start to close and my head droops. They say there's a possibility a flight window will open up and we can take off before 7:30, but it's completely iffy and unpredictable. If one does appear, it will be short lived and I don't want to run the chance of missing the flight or else I'd just nap and set the alarm on my cell phone to wake myself.
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