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This past weekend I bought a pack of Hello Panda from the H-mart on a whim. It looked sorta spiffy and as we all know, endangered animals are always delicious. That's why they're endangered. So it stands to reason that anything stamped with the image of an endangered animal must also taste better. Just look at animal crackers for example.

I had meant it mostly for Will but he ended up scarfing down a crapload of other things. You can't get the kid to eat more than a few bites at a meal but he was munching down snackfoods like crazy. The odd part is that they weren't even very good tasting IMO. He really liked this Korean popcorn which just tasted like bland kettle corn to my tastes. I ended up dozing off sometime in the mid afternoon and when I had woken up, Shelley had taken the kids back home so the panda treats were all mine.

They were pretty spiffy overall. I was running a websearch on the items and saw a picture of someone eating them like they were cereal in milk. That would have probably been a good combo given the crunch and chocolate filling. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Incidentally, I'm only noticing now as I look at the picture but all the panda images seem to be different. I randomly grabbed nine of them from the inside of the box and now I'm curious exactly how many different pictures there actually are. Luckily, I'll probably forget all about this by the next time I'm at the H-mart or I might just be tempted to buy half a dozen boxes and conduct a survey.
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