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Nothing makes me squee like harmony and melody

While I was in Ohio visiting Chelle we had a conversation about how I usually avoid shows like American Idol like the plague. For all the years it's been on tv I've never seen so much as a single minute of it, hurriedly changing the channel if I ever accidentally ran across it. This might seem kinda strange because I absolutely love music. The problem is, I often can't stand other people singing, especially solo, because a single off note is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I probably feel as much embarrassment by proxy as whoever screwed up and it drives me bonkers. That said, there is nothing I love more than the blending of voices into harmonic bliss. It reminds me of that Will and Grace episode where the straight guy tries to sneak his way into the gay men's choir because:

I just love to sing. What can I say? It makes me feel like I'm being gently chucked under the chin by God.

That is exactly the way I feel when it's just right. I especially love A Cappella groups and have harbored a secret love for barbershop quartets and the like for years. There is something incredibly pure and just beautiful about the blending of human voices without the need for instruments and the other trappings. Like I've said before, if I could have wished for a single talent with which to excel, it would have been singing.

Anyway, I was telling all of this to Chelle and she mentioned that there was a reality show that featured nothing but a cappella groups which I had never heard of before. The conversation had completely slipped my mind until she sent me a PM that the current season of The Sing-Off had just started and I just went to take a look. For one, I was shocked to find that this is actually the third season of the show which just goes to show how much you can miss when you no longer have a tv. NBC's site still had the episode available for streaming so I popped over and was absolutely blown away. It was freaking wonderful. It just made my heart squee. It had me from the very first group song with all the various contestants.

How could you not absolutely love something like this? I immediately went to snag the first two seasons even before I finished watching the first episode. They're all downloading right now and I know I'm going to have music in my head for days to come.

As for this season, I have three groups I really like so far.

The Yellow Jackets from the University of Rochester.

Urban Method from Denver.

And Vocal Point a group from Brigham Young University.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how far these groups go and you can see that my bias is toward larger groups with more harmonizing. Urban Method is probably the one that really differs from the others but the rapper they had was really excellent and it made for a really impressive effort. I had never really thought of rap mixing into a cappella, but I guess there is a lot of precedent for that sort of thing with lyrical spoken words much like what eminem does. I can't wait for the next episode to see the other eight teams. It makes me wonder if this season is going to be longer than the previous ones. The first season was only 4 episodes long and the second, 5. I can't see how you could possibly whittle down 16 teams to a winner in that time frame and have the decision be really justifiable. One small slipup for any of the groups and it could all go poof.
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