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Liberals cause the fall of society and end of mankind

So I went to see Dawn of the Dead on friday with a few friends and I enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought I would. Many, many, many times more. In fact, I loved the movie and other than return of the kind, it's certainly the most entertaining movie I've seen in half a year at least. I saw the original 1970 flick years ago and while I don't recall many details of how it went, there are some general points that I know have been changed.

1) First of all the zombies got a major upgrade. No more slow stumbling with arms outstretched and eyes vacant. Well, okay, the eyes are still vacant but the zombies in the movie could really haul ass. Instead of shuffling toward the victims, the entire mob would take off at a dead sprint.

2) No gun store in the mall! I can't farging believe this change. The entire reason the mall was a good place to hole up in the original is that it had a giant gun and ammo store inside and the food court. Hell, if you just wanted food you would have been better off barricading yourself in a grocery store somewhere with more dry and canned food. I for fuck sure know if the world was coming to an end due to zombies, aliens, martial law, etc...the first place I would go is the nearest gun store I could find to stock up. Seeing as I'm in the land of daley and only criminals are allowed to have guns in chicago, I'll have to go to Richard's place where I know he at least has a couple of boomsticks hidden under the bed or wherever.

The dialogue was very well written and the movie was an excellent mix of humor, horror and gore. The movie also plainly shows that the liberals lead to the downfall of the human race with their gun laws. In the original movie with the zombies shuffling around it was possible to shoot them one at a time and still generally keep ahead of them by backing away. With these suped up zombies sprinting like marathon runners the problem became that no one could shoot fast enough to keep the fargers down. The simple effort of having to pull the trigger for each round and the reload ended up killing just about everyone. If, however, they had a nice assault rifle or small submachine gun, it would have been a completely different story. They could have just strafed the line of them and taken out dozens of them at a time. The NRA should use this movie as a recruitment video. God knows one of the first things I thought to myself after the movie was that I need to go and buy myself a semi-auto at the least. That is, if I can't find an uzi for sale.

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