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Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour

I just got back from seeing the rebroadcast of the 25th anniversary concert of Phantom of the Opera and I think I'm still all a'glow. It was just amazing. The production was absolutely fantastic and I loved it to death. I may have mentioned this before but I didn't even like Phantom when I first heard the cast recording. It's definitely one of those shows that you really need to see in order to really love. With other musicals, the music by itself tells the entire story and the set and production can be sparse. With Phantom, it's amazingly extravagant with all the costumes and sets. You'd have to be a statue to not be moved by it right from the overture.

So here's me before I headed out the door earlier this evening. Look, I'm wearing shoes like a normal person rather than sandals. Very stiff shoes it turns out, but that's what happens when you stumble across a pair you don't even remember buying from years and years ago.

I got to the theater with a little over 15 minutes to spare but Karen was running late. I went to pick up my ticket from the ticket counter and then twiddled my thumbs.

To keep myself entertained I ended up wandering around the front of the theater and in the ticket counter area singing songs from Phantom to myself. I'm sure that some of the people thought I was nuts, but I've sort of gotten used to that. I even wandered to all the movie posters hoping to see one for the Phantom rebroadcast but no such luck. There was however a giant 3-d movie advertisement for battling robots of some sort. I guess there's just no accounting for taste.

When Karen arrived we rushed in to hear the auctioneer's intro just as we were talking down the hallway into the theater so we didn't miss anything. The theater was probably only 15% full or thereabouts and so a choice pair of seats were no problem. As I said, the production was abso-freaking-lutely awesome. It's been years since I've seen Phantom, and thanks to looking through my photo collection, I know it was in April of '04. For some reason the only picture I took were of Chau's shoes and a shot of me and her in our seats.

This is apparently a common problem of mine. I remember to bring a camera but then don't take any interesting pictures with it. Like in this case, while it wouldn't have been a good idea to be taking pictures of the movie screen, it's only now that I'm realizing that I didn't snap a shot of Karen the entire night. It's not like I want to be creepy camera guy, but if I'm going to post the damn pictures on here anyway, it'd be nice if there weren't such ridiculous gaps.

I spent the first act of the show happily singing along under my breath and conducting with my finger. Ya, I know, but it was really spiffy and I couldn't help it. I had forgotten just how much I love the production of Phantom and hearing the music again was like seeing an old friend you haven't run across in years. I don't think I was singing loudly enough for anyone else to really hear, though it could be that Karen was just too nice to tell me to shut up. Maybe I should put her in touch with John. He still grouses about being with me and Melissa singing our entire way through the Phantom of the Opera movie whenever the subject is brought up.

I was surprised they included the 20 minute intermission into the show, though it didn't feel like 20 minutes. That might be at least partly because I spent the entire time babbling to Karen about random crap like a monkey missing a pre-frontal cortex. I still think Phantom might have the best first act of any show I've ever seen and the second can't help but pale in comparison. Luckily the finale more than made up for that. They had the original cast there and Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford reprising their roles for a song or two. They also had several other famous Phantoms there including Colm Wilkinson who I love to death thanks to Les Miserables. Each of the Phantoms took a part of Angel of Music and Music of the Night. It was legendary. I was squee'ing so hard inside I thought I might bust something.

After the show Karen and I walked out with me still excitedly gibbering like a crazed squirrel. I've never really noticed that habit before but I have a tendency to gab on and on. Maybe I just have a fear of silence around people I'm just getting to know. Anyway, she suggested we go to a diner instead of looking any more creepy chatting in a movie theater's parking lot. We popped over to the Menlo Park Diner where I proceeded to gibber some more for hours on end. I think I just enjoy sharing anecdotes which often tends to lead me down rambling non-sequitor paths.

Oh, I should also mention that she gave me a domo-kun she had, after seeing some of my domo-related pictures.

I ended up telling her about my domo paraphernalia including the cap and hat I had someone online make for me.

Oh and since I have the pictures handy....

I was telling her about my disastrous second year at college where my suitemates and I would stay up all night playing games and watching tv. Then at 6am every morning we would watch Sailor Moon on WPIX and sing along with the theme song.

After that we would head over to the dining hall, eat breakfast, and then come back to the suite and fall asleep skipping all of our classes for the day. I ended my second year with a 1.96 GPA and both of my friends got tossed out of school having done even worse than that. It took me years to dig myself out of that basement.

Anyway, at some point during those years or soon after, someone gave me a sailor venus doll. I have no clue who it was now but I must've dragged it around with me each time I moved. I had completely forgotten about it but a couple weeks ago I'm in my room tapping away on the laptop and Maddie wandered in wanting to know if she could have it. I have no clue where she managed to dig it up from.

Of course I let her have it and I felt all nostalgic seeing it again. Venus Love Chain Encircle!

It's a good thing I've slowly lost my sense of shame over the years.


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Oct. 12th, 2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked it! I'm squeeing over here for you, too.

I took Carlos to see it last night. He's never been to a musical before. Years ago, he had a roommate that listened to TPOTO soundtrack all the time, so he was familiar with the music, and he loved Sarah Brightman's voice. He wasn't sure if he was going to like the musical or not.

We showed up around 7pm, grabbed the best seats (very back row, dead center... that's where I always sit), and watched the preview with Andrew Lloyd Webber and such. When the musical started, I got sucked in, and I think I pretty much forgot about Carlos or anyone on the theater for the first act. (Remember, this is my 2nd time seeing it in the theater.) When the intermission rolled around, I looked over at Carlos, and he was grinning from ear to ear, and he said "This is awesome! I love it! I can't wait to see the 'Masquerade!' scene!" We went to the restroom, gabbed for a bit, and bought some coffee/tea for the 2nd Act.

After the musical was over, Carlos started to stand up, and I said "No! Wait! There's more!", and we watched the encore, and saw Sarah and Michael and Andrew and Colm, etc. (I explained to Carlos that the 4 Phantoms on the stage were from previous runs of the show.) He was tickled to see Sarah sing, and to see the original Phantom on the stage, and to hear all of them sing. We left the theater on a major high. :)

I thought of you when Colm was on stage - I know how much you love Les Mis, so I figured you'd be ecstatic when you saw him. He's still the best Jean Valjean there ever was, and I loved him as the Phantom, too.

Sappy as it sounds, I got choked up at the end, just like I always do. I have seen TPOTO (the musical) over 100+ times in my lifetime, and it still moves me. I used to live in Ohio, and would drive to Pantages Theater in Toronto about 4 times a year to see the musical in my teens/20s. Every time it tours through whatever city I'm in, I'll get a ticket for each night it's in town (or at least several showings.) My first fiance proposed to me after a showing of TPOTO.

Anyway, I'm SO happy you enjoyed it. I thought of you last night, and hoped that you'd have a great reaction to it. The DVD/CD of the anniversary show comes out on November 27th, I believe. You'll have to order them. :)
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