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Moving day

So, it should be to no one's surprise that I didn't actually manage to fall asleep. It was just a lost cause and when Connie called me at 8am, I spent some time packing and cleaning up. I arrived to find Connie in the house and all three of her kids out the car crying and whining. It was not an auspicious start to the day. After I dragged all my crap inside, I mentioned the symphony going on outside in the car and she wanted to know why I didn't let them out. Hell, I thought maybe she wanted them in there as a punishment or maybe just for peace of mind. I went back out and tried to loose the hounds but only Will was willing to exit. Maddie refused to move, continuing to wail, and wanting her mother to get her instead. I was more than happy to close the door and tell Connie it was her problem.

Lately, Maddie's become a massive pain in the ass. I really don't understand what sort of diseased thinking actually makes people want to spawn. Don't they realize there's only a tiny window where the kid is not a howling monster? It's not even until they're like a year old where it isn't just red faced crying for this and that. Then you do seem to get a nice period where they're not simply a crying/pooping mess. If you're lucky, they're even sweet. Maddie's now three and will be four in December and has crossed out of the good zone recently. I'll let my Facebook status explain it if for no other reason than Lola's autocorrect is hilarious.

Of course, this was in between a lot of other fussing and yelling and assorted irritations. Connie blames the new attitude on school, where Maddie has been apparently picking up new turns of phrase. Frankly, this just doesn't seem right. What kinda school is it where kids, at 3 years old, go around telling other kids they hate them? I frankly think someone should go to this nursery school and re-enact a kiddie version of this scene from The Big Lebowski. Maybe rip up a few crayon drawings and kick down a playhouse.

In her partial defense, Connie does tell Maddie 'No!' and scolds her when she happens to overhear this sort of exchange. I'm simply of the opinion that all the 'No!'s in the world won't bring the lesson home like the 1 second application of a cattle prod.

Anyway, the movers arrived a bit after nine and the chaos began. Since I couldn't do much to help out, at least with anything that required much bending, it was my 'job' to try to entertain the kids. It would have been easier to corral a pack of howler monkeys. I could have just locked them in the bathroom. Not to mention little Morgan shrieks and cries whenever Connie's not around. Her crying sounds like she's one step away from choking to death on her own tongue. Not to mention Maddie's own personal method to trying to get her kid sister to stop crying involves trying to put her hands over Morgan's face.

The movers finished getting all the furniture into the right rooms by around 1pm, and Shelley arrived to help Connie start sorting some of the boxes and crap. I finally got relieved of babysitting duties around 4 at which time I promptly went to my room, sprawled on the bed, and fell asleep. I didn't resurface until around 9pm and the house was empty by then.

I'd like to say that this is the end and now I'll just face a couple weeks of slowly unpacking in peace, but it's not to be. Connie brought over a bunch of paint swatches today. It's her intent to paint every wall and ceiling in the house. God only knows how long that is going to take and it means that almost everything will have to stay boxed up just so it doesn't all have to be repacked again. She and Shelley are also planning to go shopping for new furniture and a tv. *sigh*
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