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Snowmaggedon! It's Global Cooling! Commence panic!

Un-fucking-believable. It's snowing outside and it's not even Halloween yet. I have never in my entire life seen snow this early. Hell, I've never even seen snow in this quantity before Thanksgiving. Most years there's not even snow on the ground by Christmas. Here's what I saw outside my window when I woke up this morning.

It didn't help any that the heat was off and it took me a while to gather my resolve and venture downstairs. I had entertained vague thoughts of going out to breakfast this morning or at the very least going shopping for some bread. I've got hotdogs, cheese, and lunchmeat in the fridge but no bread. I tossed those ideas out the window upon seeing the Snowmageddon. Instead, I ordered delivery from a Chinese restaurant online and went downstairs.

The thermostat read 52 degrees before I turned on the heat. Maybe it was just psychology and mind over matter, but it felt warmer within just a few minutes. Or at least that's just how it seemed. I went outside to snap a couple of pictures out the front door. It's a mess out there.

The best part is I'm supposed to pick up my uncle from the airport in a few hours. Assuming the flight even lands, it's going to be an absolute pleasure to drive up to Newark in this crap.

I settled in downstairs with my netbook and the tv to wait for the food. Turns out there was a Top Chef marathon going which was spiffy. So it's without fail that the satelite tv went out around a half hour later. 15 minutes after the tv died, the internet committed seppuku as well. I had to use the Air Card, which sucks rocks here due to crappy cell reception. There were also a couple of quick power outages just to put the icing on the cake. Luckily the food arrived soon after and I felt better after a couple egg rolls and a quart of soup. The internet also managed to recover. I decided to retreat back into my room and here I will stay until forced to go to the airport. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Fuck...power just went out again.
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